AnandTech has released Geekbench scores for the iPhone 4S that reveal details about the smartphone’s processing speeds. The iPhone 4S is also compared with the iPad 2, iPhone 4, and other competing handsets on the market.

With a 800MHz A5 CPU, the iPhone 4S is 73% faster than its iPhone 4 predecessor…

The iPhone 4 has a 800MHz A4 CPU, and the iPad 2 wins the performance war with a 1GHz A5 CPU.

GPU scores for the iPhone 4S beat out top of the line competitors, like the Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Infuse 4G, and Motorola Droid Bionic. All of the high-end Android handsets boast processors with higher clock speeds, but Apple’s A5 still has faster performance.

AnandTech’s findings also reveal that lowering the clock speed on the iPad 2 to the iPhone 4S’ 800MHz CPU creates better battery performance. This likely explains the reason that Apple clocked the iPhone 4S’ processor down from 1GHz.

The fact that Apple makes its own silicon and software means that the iPhone has the upper-hand over Android handsets. Smartphone makers experience fragmentation when attempting to create hardware and software interaction with Android, while Apple offers a deeply-integrated experience.

The A series chip was designed by Apple with iOS in mind, and iOS was designed with the A series chip in mind. It’s a beautiful ecosystem.


  • Dusean

    Why are you making my week go slower with these articles, I WANT MY IPHONE 4S !!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Why must you make the wait will friday so long!!! picking mine up after i get outta school the att store manager said they will have almost 1000 of em!

  • prplaya420

    lol why are you doing these articles i want my IPHONE 5

  • R

    If you listen you can hear Android heads exploding.

  • Alex

    Having owned both the iPhone 3GS and 4, as well a a few Android phones, touting speed as the be all and end all is all well and good, but it doesn’t take in to consideration numerous other factors effecting the user experience, such as dropped calls, UI, and having to use iTunes (possibly one of the tattiest pieces of software written).

    • XepptizZ

      I like itunes, but hardly ever have to use it anyway. Syncing is soo passé.

      • David

        Excuse me did you just say you like iTunes?


        So naive my youngling.

    • shisio

      itunes is still better written than most of the apps in the android market. It still gets the job done and it runs pretty well if you have a fast computer. Factors such as dropped calls and UI? You mean the cluttered up menus of Android is better than the polished interface of the ios? And if you are talking about user experience, you are actually reversing the two products sir. Iphone is all about user experience, Android is all about specs and messed up software written by God knows who.

      • moimoimoimoi

        you’re an idiot

      • shisio

        wow, so constructive. having your vocabulary limited to idiot, stupid and fanboy can be pretty hard huh? My opinion may not be agreed upon but you sir are so much low.. pathetic. write your own reasons you lonely piece of shit.

  • MisterExx

    Samsung Galaxy S2 – “The fastest smartphone out there” = FAIL

    • goofygreek

      i really dont give a crap what those charts say, my s2 is a lot faster than my i4. everything ive done on it, from starting up both devices, to loading multiple websites over wifi, to downloading apps and having them install, the galaxy s2 has been faster in every instance. Especially installing apps, the app store is slow as hell compared to the market. I have always hated how slow apps would install on the i4, then i used the s2 and i was amazed at how much faster app installs are.

      • goofygreek

        Oh, and i did a browser mark test yesterday, and i hit right around 90k. I did it with the ipad2, and it hit about 120k the first time, the second time the test crashed. Once there website stops getting bogged down, im gonna do the test 3 times in a row and take the average as the score. Also, my s2 came with 2.3.4, not 2.3.3 which is what these people tested. Not sure if that makes a difference, but its possible b/c you can see how much of a difference ios makes with the ipad2.

  • YouAreBrainwashed

    Written by AppleInsider. Buy into the propaganda, everyone!

  • Roberto

    i’m still pretty happy with my iphone 3gs, the performance boost by ios5 will just give me reason to stick with it until apple release iphone 5