Verbs, the best IM client for iOS out there, just got updated with a beautiful iPad app.

On the iPhone, Verbs brought you a seamlessly, pixel-perfect IM experience. Now, you can now communicate over platforms like AIM, Gchat, and Facebook from the comfort of your iPad…

“Yes, it’s finally here! And we’re making it even better, Verbs is now a universal app. So it’s a free upgrade for existing users and the same application will now run both on your iPhone and iPad. And Verbs Pro? Don’t worry, your existing Verbs Pro purchases can also be restored on the iPad for free.”

Read our original review of Verbs for iPhone to learn more about how this great app works. We promise that you’ll be impressed.

On the iPad, you can easily swipe through multiple accounts and chats in a user-friendly interface. There’s all kinds of little touches to the app that make it worthwhile, like the pinch-to-zoom gesture that lets you see all of your open chats at once.  The added Facebook support is a nice touch as well.

For a $4.99 in-app purchase, you can unlock Verbs ‘Pro’ for the iPhone and iPad. This gives you push notifications for incoming messages and idle times for up to 7 days. If you’re an IM junkie, Verbs Pro is definitely for you.

Files can be sent and viewed through Cloud app (the developers will presumably add iCloud support at a later date), iWork documents can be viewed in-app, conversations can be emailed, and links can even be sent to Instapaper. Verbs is a must-have IM app for iOS. It isn’t cheap to buy, but it’s nearly perfect.

Verbs is available in the App Store for a limited-time price of only $0.99. After today, the price will go back up to $2.99.

We have three copies of Verbs to give away! Make sure you’re following iDownloadBlog on Twitter. We’ll be giving the codes away later today there.

  • Will


  • It’s cool and all, but iOS 5 will be here with iMessage, and Verbs will become useless. Don’t buy iy.

    • Frank

      true, plus there are way other i.m. apps more useful: IM+ (not the pro, the free one)

      Verbs doesnt even support direct file transfers and most of the high end options are an in-app purchase… apart from the 0.99 of the app price…

      and you can “moderate” this comment like my others…

      • Why would we moderate this comment, Frank? It’s helpfully critical, thoughtful, and sensible. We “moderate” comments that are either 1) hateful or overly negative 2) bring nothing to the table.