Early yesterday morning, Apple and its carrier partners around the world started taking preorders for the iPhone 4S. The Cupertino company unveiled the smartphone last week to mixed reactions from pundits and fans.

But the fact that Apple didn’t change the handset’s outward appearance doesn’t seem to have derailed customers from snatching up the device. The iPhone 4S appears to be selling as fast, if not faster, than its predecessors…

Late yesterday afternoon, Reuters reported that AT&T had sold 200,000 iPhone 4S in its first 12 hours of availability. Then came word that Apple was pushing shipping dates out 1-2 weeks for the device, both internationally and stateside.

Now we have confirmation that US carriers are seeing the same level of demand. AT&T has all three models of the iPhone 4S shipping within 14-21 days, and Verizon only has 32GB and 64GB versions left for October 14th delivery.

Sprint, who is offering Apple’s smartphone for the first time, is completely sold out of the 16GB model. According to its website, if you want the entry level iPhone 4S, you’ll have to visit your local Sprint store on launch day.

So it sounds like if you’re after a 32GB or 64GB iPhone, you shouldn’t have any problems (yet) preordering the device. But those looking to snag a 16GB model by October 14th will likely have to head to their local retail stores next week.

And from what we’ve heard, there are already people lining up.

  • ic0dex

    I think Sprint is going to do really well with the iPhone because there approvel process is very easy. They will give an account almost to anyone.

    • Francesco

      That is absolutely true +1 that’s why they might do well

    • What do you mean? I am not from the US, I do not know how that works. Can you explain to me? I am curious. THanks!

    • jonathan

      plus sprint still has unlimited internet

  • Fitu

    I wouldn’t buy an iphone 4s with only 16 gb. It records 1080p videos, so you want have much space left. (for those who are going to buy this ‘upgrade’)

    • VnABC

      That’s why I got the 64GB. My iPhone 4 16GB runs out of space with 720P videos! If you have kids and love to take pictures/videos, I highly recommended to get the 64GB! 8MP pics and 1080p vids will take up lot lot of space.

      • Jj

        That’s why u remove the files from the phone.

  • Keith

    It’s almost monopoly time soon apple will open up it’s own phone store

    • RG

      they are called Apple Stores !… i guess you refered to apple running their own virtual phone carrier worldwide, tgat wouldbe interesting an is not far fetch

  • msxy

    every time i think about Steve death i think on iphone 4S fail, i don’t know why but look even if every body is buying the device but somewhat inside we are not happy there is a previous article i read about i don’t know if it’s Sebastien who wrote it but he said in the article ( i asked my friend if he didn’t like the device because it had no new style ? but it has a good CPU and graphics. then his friend was thinking that he is stupid and Sebastien is right. ”something like that”). but in the reality we really want a new device that have a new design a new technologie something we didn’t expect it that’s how Steve Jobs work. what i want to say is ‘ i don’t think that Steve Jobs was working with them when they where doing the 4s. that’s my conclusion about the title.

    and didn’t you notice that Samsung and Google are trying to do something ? just tell me are there any company in the world who will stop their market for some day just to honor Steve Jobs ? i know that Steve is a very impressive person that my self loved him very much. but i think they are trying to do something against apple.

    • iGirl_in_SC

      Nobody complaints about the Macs looking the same for several iterations. I think Apple nailed it with the look and the feel of the iPhone 4. Why wasting brains and resources in the Apple team changing the looks of a phone when they can focus on the real deal. Mark my words, Siri will revolutionize the way we think about and use smartphones. The iPhone 4S is not out in stores yet, there’s still waaaay too many surprises ahead of us. We have not seen the power of this upgrade. I will sit and wait few months down the road and smile.

    • @msxy,

      Google + samsung did what they did because
      – All the attention are on Steve Jobs
      – They want to try to copy the iPhone 4S and iOS 5

      Not because they are kind or generous.

  • nick

    I actually not that mad they didn’t change the outside because I bought a lot of cases for my iphone4 thar will Alison fit my 4s now lol 🙂

  • sean

    I heard steve jobs left 4 years worth of tech knowledge for future apple products including the iphone

  • The Reaper


    Gosh, iDB, you’re always late.

    • Yeah, we all have a life, you know.

      • The Reaper


  • msxy

    lollll Sebastien now that’s funny

  • HI