Before Apple’s iPhone 4S announcement this week, there were more than a few rumors going around that the next iPhone would be a radical redesign of the device. A new, tapered body was to be the main, eye-catching alteration to the form factor that has served Apple so well over the last year or so.

As we all know, that didn’t happen. Instead, Apple launched the iPhone 4S, a slight speed-bump to the existing iPhone 4, with a new camera thrown in for good measure. Yes, Siri adds that little bit of sparkle to an otherwise dull release, but let’s be frank, this is no iPhone 5.

So what about that tapered design we heard so much about? Well, we may still see it, even if that won’t be until this time next year…

Rumors of a radically redesigned iPhone 5 began to circulate back in April, after This is my next got the ball rolling. There was even a mockup of just how the handset may look, which didn’t change too much over the months. There were even claims that the tapered design came from a leaked, possibly lost, prototype after a selection of cases were found that matched the dimensions of the supposed iPhone 5.

More cases arrived, all sporting the new, thinner design that This is my next had claimed would be the iPhone 5. There was so much buzz and so many cases that it was all starting to look almost certain. Then, obviously, that all changed.

If there were that many case manufacturers so sure that redesigned iPhone 5 was going to find its way into Apple stores, were they entirely wrong?

If Apple continues its existing naming convention (iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and now 4S), then it’s entirely logical to assume we’ll see an iPhone 5 next year. Is that iPhone 5 the one we half-expected this week?

Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see, but with the iPhone 4S not even in the hands of eager punters yet, we’ll not get too carried away with new rumors right now!


  • DebTym

    How come there is no iPhone 2GS? >.<

    • Because Apple wants no 2Gs

      • Taylor Harris

        Actually, you’re both dumb asses. It’s because there was never such thing as “2G”. There was “GPRS” and “Edge”.

      • yall all dumb asses the G stands for Generation.. fools

  • Jeff

    Are you actually speculating about the new iPhone ALREADY!? OMFG Give it a REST! They just announced the iPhone 4S, can’t you wait at least a few months before you start posting rumors and speculation again!? Give us a break….

    • 5thOS

      You don’t have to read or post.

      • Jeff

        Are you kidding me!? And all this time I thought that if I didn’t read or post someone was going to come shoot me…..

    • Explain how the A5 processor is last years tech? I have yet to see any android device with a screen as nice as the iPhone 4.

    • Josh

      Oh, how does it not surprise me that again Jon Garret is here to talk shit about an Apple product? Grow up, man. Phones are phones, they are not LIFE. You can do better, don’t need to be such a fanboy.

  • eKsiSLe

    Naming convention? They will not call it an iPhone 5. As the first was iPhone, the second was iPhone 3G, the third was 3GS and the fourth was the 4 and the 5th would be the 4S. So no apple will not name it a “5” it would be either a 6 or something to market the product. It would not be the fifth iteration, therefore will can kill the iPhone 5 talk now

    • BLTKOR

      Well if they release the IPHONE 5 before they release a new IOS then YES they can have a 5th gen iPhone. the 4S is a faster S > speed version of the iphone 4 so an updated 4th gen iphone does not qualify as a 5th generation device. so all in all, if you get a new device released on ios5 you can have a iphone 5 and a updated 4th gen device (4S) .

      • Ryan

        That’s not exactly accurate. For several reasons. First of all, why is the 3GS considered a “3rd gen” device but the 4S isn’t a “5th gen?” It’s the same concept: all new internals, same external design. New device, same package. If you won’t count the 4S, you can’t count the 3GS, so then the the 4S would still be a “3rd gen” device.

        And it gets even more complicated if you take into account how Apple counts generations, which is strictly internals. First iPhone was 1,1 (major,minor). 3G was 1,2 because it was the same internals just with 3G and GPS, but the form factor was different. 3GS was 2,1 (all new internals). 4 was 3,1 (all new internals again, along with form factor change). I think the Verizon iPhone was 3,2. The 4S will be considered 4,1. If they released the “iPhone 5” with everything the same as the 4S but just a bigger screen and different form factor it would be 4,2 and would be seen as a minor “upgrade” (lowering the pixel density with a larger screen and same resolution would be a major downgrade, in my opinion; developers would also not be fond of a 4th resolution to have to program for if it was larger with the same pixel density).

        Seriously, people. If you really thought Apple would make an iPhone with a bigger screen, you don’t know Apple. And if you’re mad about the lack of a design change, then go return your 2011 MacBook Pro because it looks the same as the 2009 model. πŸ˜›

  • Pedro

    iPhone 3G’s naming had nothing to do with the iteration. I see no reason why Apple wouldn’t call their next phone the iPhone 5 as it follows on from 4…

    • Ryan

      Um, because it wouldn’t be the 5th iPhone. Does that count? They couldn’t call the 3GS the 3 because that would confuse people even more than calling the 2nd iPhone the 3G. I worked at an Apple specialist and people would come in with a 3G saying they had the 3rd iPhone. This wasn’t just a couple people, this was the majority of them. The just don’t know. And for these people, more letters means newer or better. So while 3GS was still a little confusing for them, it would have been the lesser of the two evils when deciding between 3 and 3GS.

      Calling the 6th iPhone the 5 wouldn’t make any sense. None whatsoever. People would be able to understand that 6 still comes after 4 and if they counted they could see that it would be the 6th iPhone, but 5 wouldn’t make sense. But my personal thought is they will call it the iPhone LTE or something. That way they won’t have to deal with the numbers for this generation and then the next one they could call the 7 because by then people won’t care about and won’t really remember the 4S. Or they could simply call it “iPhone” or “2013 iPhone” and just name them by year like they do with their computers.

      At any rate, it doesn’t matter what they name it!!! Who cares if it’s the 4S instead of the 5. It’s same darn phone as it would have been, just without the ridiculous bigger screen (bigger is not always better) and a new design (which would have been horrible for landscape gaming, having one hand have more weight and thickness than the other).

      The public at large doesn’t know about and doesn’t care about the unreleased design. You think the 19 million+ people who will be buying iPhones this quarter follow the rumor sites every day and know about this design? Nope. They know what Apple announced. They see the speed, the camera, and Siri, and they’re in love. I know because my wife texted me about Siri after she watched the video Apple emailed her. My non-techie friend did, too, asking what the 4S did. I rhymed off the features and she said, “Ooooooh, I want one.” Did she ask if it looked different than the 4 she currently has? Nope. Did she care? Nope.


  • Since we’re all speculating here…..

    How about this:

    The next iPhone 5 will not only be packed full of really awesome stuff, but it will have a laser-inscribed portrait of Steve on the back – duly dubbed “The Steve”!

    The phone’s hardware will include at least a 10 mega pixel camera, probably a 12 mega pixel.

    The phone will have a bigger screen (no duh…) but when you lick this new screen with your tongue, it can be any flavor you like, such as Chocolate Ice Cream, or taste like Frosty Cold Beer! This will be accomplished with a revolutionary new app called iFlav….

    There are many more “secrets” of this new iPhone 5 that I cannot tell you about now, but stay tuned!

    – Eric πŸ˜‰

    • Hunter

      You always say the dumbest things on here.. Every time I read an article, you’ve posted some dumb comment.

    • MALdito

      iFlav, really…(Γ΅_Γ³) REALLY?

    • 2035 A.D

      How about a rainbow flavour so I can fart some colours? xD

  • Jaime Monraz

    i think the 2G design was so shitty to keep another whole year! LOL

  • I heard the next iPhone will support 4G LTE so they’re actually gonna call it the iPhone 4GS. Haha. Just kidding. πŸ˜‰

  • Scaredy Shroom

    We can kill this now please. I think we’ve had enough rumors

  • Justin

    How can you say “Apple launched the iPhone 4S, a slight speed-bump to the existing iPhone 4” When an iPhone 4 is a single core 800Mhz and the new iPhone 4S is a dual core 1Ghz. Please don’t write articles before you do your research, Thank you.

  • Duck’s Quacks

    Next iteration wil be iPhone 4GS for 4G LTE….

  • Tom

    So following that chain of thought wouldn’t the next phone be 4gs? Then 5, 5g, 5 gs…..

  • MALdito

    “an otherwise dull release, but let’s be frank, this is no iPhone 5”

  • Fubilaton

    The 4S is to make money, to sell to countries like China. In the next year or so, there will be an iPhone Pro. It may no longer becalmed an iPhone, what I’m saying is that Apple will begin to increase the price of iPhones in order to offset the sales of macs and iPods. Also, the name iPhone may no longer exist in about a year, since “phones” are becomes less and less phones.

  • fdxgncgfn

    next iphone will be the sixth gen device, so they have no reason to call it iPhone 5. It will probably be iPhone 6

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    Fuck of. Assholes

  • Wow, such hate. I just licked my iPhone 3Gs and it tasted like cigarettes. ( no app needed) I hope the 4s I preordered won’t taste like that. I guess I’ll just have to quit smoking.