Apple Now Taking Pre-Orders for iPhone 4S

Originally scheduled for 12:01am, the iPhone 4S pre-ordering process seems to have encountered a few problems, but it is now working.

After repeatedly hitting the CMD+R keys on my MacBook Air keyboard for 44 minutes, I was finally able to get in. In just a few minutes, I was able to place my order for an AT&T 64GB black iPhone 4S…

Apple confirmed it will be delivered by October 14th. With a little luck, I’ll get it a day early like I did last year for the iPhone 4.

At any rate, if you were waiting for Apple to pre-order your iPhone 4S, now is the time. Remember, the more you wait to pre-order, the more you’ll have to wait to get your iPhone 4S delivered.

Did you pre-order? What did you get?