The iPhone 4S is a disappointment to a few people. Some go as far as saying the iPhone 4S sucks! Realistically, and like Alex sarcastically pointed out in his post this morning, I think they’re just disappointed at the fact that it’s called iPhone 4S and not iPhone 5, and that of course, it uses the same old design as the iPhone 4.

It might be hard for some of you to accept this, and for that reason, Sam Pratt came up with a simple infographic showing the 5 different stages of iPhone 4S grief…

Hopefully, this will help some of you get over it rapidly.


  • Dennis Yang

    Totally agree with this. You still going to buy it even though it sucks. Just like iphone3Gs

  • I can easily see myself waiting – especially since I’m still in contract.

    However, those who are now out of contract – and have the older iPhone 3 or 3S they will jump on this like a horny housewife to the weekly pool boy!!! (well… Okay, sorry maybe not quite like “that”…. LOL )

    – Eric

    • MALdito

      As a former pool boy (in a very rich neighborhood), I can attest to the fact that it’s not as cool as it sound…. (¬_¬) “Sigh”!

  • Roberto

    What a waist of time and $$$! the 4S is… I really can’t believe people will buy it…

    • Nabeel

      Lol ….. Waste not Waist LMAO

  • Casey

    I just don’t get why so many people are upset. You act like the 4 has been out for years. If you get past the same exterior features (which are easily better than any plastic piece of crap out there) the inside is totally different. The jump in processor speed is bigger than the jump from the original iPhone to the iPhone 4! The siri capabilities along are a major upgrade! Why did anyone think apple would show all their cards at once? It just doesn’t make business sense.

    • Those points are eerily like the points I’ve been making since yesterday… Great minds think alike!

      • Staying with i4…

        If great minds think alike then someone isn’t thinking!

    • francomur99

      I was praying for a bigger display…at list a 4 inches screen….that’s what the people want!!! A bigger screen!…. why do I have to watch movies, videos and games in a little box? …However It doesn’t matter if we couldn’t get the iPhone 5, the number here is not important, I think the iPhone4S it’s a wanderfull device and I’m sure is going to be a revolution. Saying that, I still a bit disappointed , just a bit. I’ sure this time Apple decided to take care of financial structure of the business and investors rather then the desire of its customers….do you agree with me?

      • Emme-Elle

        If you want a bigger screen, get an iPad…This is a phone and I want it to fit in my purse/pocket easily!

  • Patrick

    This summed my yesterday. Exactly my feelings about it

  • jedooonat

    If you are an Apple fan, you should know the reasoning behind the iPhone 4S. The ‘4G/LTE’ is too new. And Apple doesn’t take risks like that. Instead, they work around the probelm. Using hardware that will rival compeditors, and at the same time….make everything work like magic. I personally think it’s amazing how Apple engineered all the new componets to fit into the 4’s body. Does no none see beyond the exterior and name? Are you really upset that it looks its not an iPhone 5, and that it looks exactly like the 4? Well…., fix yo self foo!! Don’t judge technology till you actually try it in your own hands!

  • iphone 4s suck

    noooo the 4S suuuuckkkkkkkkkkk theres nothing new in it just 2 things A5 and 8mega cameraa and whaatt serii hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa3333 whaat a shame I wish that steve job still in apple

  • B Sleezy

    If the screen was a half inch bigger and the phone was 1mm thinner everyone would be peeing themselves

    • CrazyBraulz

      +1 hahaha that’s so true

  • Tom

    The really BIG disappointment is. NO 4G/LTE, why buy it otherwise?

    • goofygreek

      Do you actually have 4G/LTE in your area? I have att hspa+ in most of my area, but no full on 4G speeds.

  • iphone 4s suck

    Whel the iphone 4 was domenating but when the galaxy II arrived it was a cickass for iphone 4 and nooowww ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, galaxy s II still cickass for the 4S too sorry apple this year im not immpressed buy your new product i well swith to the galaxy s II at lest it have a bigger screen than the iphone ,, sory again but apple dont even think about mor sales than the last year dont even dare think about more sales it well be a slow year for you since steve jobs left apple 🙂 thank you i well back a apple customer when you lunch an iphone with bigger screen

  • Night

    My question is, if an iphone 5 arrives, will it be simply a revamp of the exterior + LTE and NFC?

    I mean, what is left for the iphone 5 same A5 chip and ram as 4S…

    • Day

      quad core 4 gigs or ram, and 15 mega pixel cam… also 1 terabite model

    • Dusean

      I think iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 , will have a6 processor with 3d technology, NFC, 4g, more advanced siri, 128 gb , increased rams, new body design of what was rumored

    • Dusean

      I think iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 , will have a6 processor with 3d technology, NFC, 4g, more advanced siri, 128 gb , increased rams, new body design of what was rumored

  • Me

    The only reason people will buy the iPhone 4S is because like me, We all just want the latest technology out there. So Apple is smart to leach the money out of all its blind loyal customers.

  • Jim

    I hope Iphone5 comes soon and with big improvements to kick android iphones, meantime will stay ith my SG2

  • Iphone

    The Iphone 4S would be better if it has a bigger screen because the original design is good ….

  • Spencer

    Am I the only person that did not like the look of the edge to edge screens on the rumour mock ups? To make the device look nice they would have had to make it bigger. I for one don’t want a bigger phone. Like many I am disappointed about the name and that the packaging is identical to my iP4. Most of that disappointment comes from the bloody media hype and rumour mill that has churning out shite for the past 3 months.

    • Ned4

      That means that iphone 4s has less than expected

  • MALdito

    I’ve hit “Denial” and “Anger”, but no “Bargaining”, just a lil “Depression”, and definitely NO “Acceptance”!

    • Drewski

      It’s ok friend, I was there about 30 hours ago. Apple is so secretive that the hype can get ridiculous; I too once believed that it is our God given right as Apple customers to have the ultimate phone (and associated bragging rights of course). I thought that just because I gave them a couple hundred bucks every year or two they should easily be able to implant the not only 1080p quality camera, most intuitive mobile OS, fastest chip, and highest definition mobile screen into a two hundred dollar device, but also include a 3D screen with NFC and a multicolored touch bezel that could walk my dog and pleasure my girl at the same time; and I would be damned, good sir, if it didn’t have some totally redesigned exterior that would immediately cause immediate jealousy and possibly crying in every room I walked into. However after some pissing and moaning, I rubbed one out, made a sandwich, and took a nap. I woke up and found myself back in reality, and realized that once the dust has settled and you take that first real look at Apple’s latest and greatest, you realize that compared to ANY phone out there, the iPhone 4S is still technologically speaking the best product available.

      And having had the pleasure of watching my iPhone, turn into a 3G, and then into a 3GS until we meet the current 1 year old 4. I can say from experience, that in the better part of four years Apple has not only managed to jump into a totally market and show everyone elso how to make a smart phone; but also create the best product every single time every single year. So if you must dito, feel free to cry yourself a river, build a bridge, then get over it and join the rest of us and accept the fact that you will upgrade, you will enjoy it, and unless apple slips again, be just as pissed off next year. . . Of course that is unless you’re just pissed that you can’t upgrade.

      P.S. If your English is choppy and/or you really like the Galaxy, stop yourself from responding for a moment and ask yourself this. . . Out of the iPhone and Galaxy, which one has actually made it into space?

  • Benny

    There is nothing innovative nor revolutionary from Apple this time around, against competition anyways, even though they state it (although that statement might hold true to Appleheads considering iPhone’s haven’t had the technology until now !)

    Siriously (pun int) Siri isn’t a new technology, Samsung have had Vlingo installed for a long time now, 8 mp Camera with full HD – Done, again previous to the 4S by the competition, Dual Core – Done again by competition….

    iOS 5, well that’s a bit of a joke isn’t it, Apple taking the JB Communities work and implementing it without even a footnote of thanks to “original programmers”.

    Apple fanboi’s/girlz will jump at it regardless and this is where the Apple marketing team gets my kudos, just have to wait for the 4S to ship to see if the R&D team get kudos from me and the never ending circle of refurbs slow down.

  • zEz

    Fanboy or not, I will stay with Apple, I won’t agree with their “strategies”, but it makes money for them. The day that big companies will put “profit” second is the day our world will probably end. Many of those who is jumping on the waggon of “4S sucks!” is realy not seeing the real world. Feel free to disagree, but Apple is just another company that makes money off their products, they will “improve” on what they see fit to make money and when they see fit. Recalling an article few days ago stating, iPhone 4 is such a succes, why not milk it to the last drop? That is exactly what they’re doing.
    Again, ppl are dwelling on the fact that none of the technology brought out by Apple is new, granted that is kinda true, but none of the other companies have ever put those “advanced” tech into good use that “just works”. My once loved Omnia had 8MP, but the photos it took was worst than the iPhone by a huge margin. Spec means nothing these days… it all comes down to how polished the final result is and I believe Apple did a great job at that at least.

    • zEz

      Having said above, I personally will still stay by my iPhone 4, mainly coz I am still in a contract and money is, well truthfully, an issue… haha

  • Jj

    I don’t care. I want it. As fast as the ipad2?? That’s blazing fast!! And the camera is awesome. Tomorrow at 12:01. I’ll see u there!

  • francomur99

    Hey guys did you watched the Apple video in Cupertino !!!! Nobody tried to stand up and shout WhatTheFk ! Are you trying given us the same phone????? Fac….u!! This is dictatorship and everybody clapping the hands like robots….Where are Anarchists or the black block to speak up against this frode….because this is a frode. For 16 months iphone customers shout with one voice ” WE NEED A LARGER SCREEN”. Nothing like we don’t exist.. Thats not fair!!!! It’s not right

    • Who would go to an Apple event In the first place? The Koolaid drinking fanatics.

  • francomur99

    We need A Revolution WE NEED TO WRITE TO APPLE THIS is a FRODE !!!!!! LET’S GO TO FACEBOOK !!!!!!

  • fdxgncgfn

    if it was like a new camera, that would cost you about $700

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  • John O’B

    I’m UPGRADING FROM IPHONE 4…… Last time I checked, all the different sites and analysts expected a faster processor, better graphics, better camera, pseudo 4G and a BIGGER SCREEN… I personally like the size of the phone the way it is or I should say I love the size of the current phone, a little wider screen would have been nice… I DIDN’T want a waffle in my hand… It’s still the best phone out there..

  • deBruce

    iPhone5 exists, and it’s called the Samsung Galaxy S II

  • Haters going to hate

    To all of you saying iphone 4s sucks. Its called 4s for a reason. Its for Steve you dumb fucks. The phone is in honor of him. And Im glad they did it. I don’t give a fuck if Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the best phone it sucks dick. So suck it up!