Yesterday Apple released the iOS 5 GM to developers. This is the final iOS 5 “beta” version to come out before the software’s public launch, and in most cases the GM is identical to what gets publicly seeded.

In classic GM fashion, you don’t actually have to be a registered developer to install the iOS 5 GM. That doesn’t mean that it’s not still discouraged, it just means that Apple doesn’t check developer UDIDs when installing the iOS 5 GM…

You do need iTunes beta 9 (or beta 7) to install the iOS 5 GM on your computer. The GM is not available as an over-the-air update for users already on a previous iOS 5 beta.

Here’s the deal: we could have given you all of the links to download this stuff and install the GM last night. We didn’t do that because we want to honor Apple’s developer agreement, and iOS 5 is dropping for everyone exactly one week from today.

We can all wait one more week for the final, completely stable version of iOS 5. If you feel like you can’t wait, then you’ve likely already installed the GM yourself.

  • skroo

    Does this even work on a Verizon phone? I’m expecting we won’t see 5 until next spring some time …

    • Juan

      there’s been a CDMA version of all the betas.

  • Chris

    Will the GM stop working some future day, or don’t they include those “final dates” in Golden Master builds?

    • Vidal

      That’s a good question ….

    • Dylan

      If it does expire. You can upgrade before it does

  • Chris

    For sure it works on Verizon… All Betas before GM and the GM itself exists for CDMA iPhones… πŸ˜‰

  • Masters

    So what’s even the point of the article? They realeased a gm version of ios5 and u can have it but uhh were not gonna tell u how, makes perfect sense!

    • Michael

      you pay 99$ a year and join the iOS Dev Program just like the rest of us, thats how.

      • Chris

        The best deal would be to get an official 99$ account… thats what I mean…

    • Rich

      They told you how, just didn’t provide the links, go search google for it.

    • Chris

      Just find a dev, who registers you’re UDID if you don’t want to pay (would be the best deal) (plenty do it for free) and you’ll be good for betas… To use this Golden Master Build you don’t need that though. Just download the ipsw file…

      It’s normal that they don’t put links here… but if you know how to use Google that shouldn’t be that big deal… πŸ˜‰

  • dave

    works great the GM on my iPhone 4

  • MrBig

    Alex, you just need iTunes beta 7, as there is no beta 9 for windoze!

  • Rich

    All I could find is .dmg files! Any idea where I can get zip copy?

    • Woody dog

      The sight I get it from kept crashing this morning. I’v been on ios5 since beta 5 untethered on 3GS

    • Chris

      Here’s how to do it:

      Download and install 7-Zip which is a free open source program for Windows capable of opening almost any archived file including DMG files.

      Launch 7-Zip, then click File > Open. Browse to iOS 5 Beta DMG file to open it. You can now see the files contained in the archive.

      Extract the IPSW from the DMG file by clicking the β€œExtract” button, then tell 7-Zip where to save the IPSW file.

      Easy… πŸ˜‰
      Have fun with iOS 5


    quick question, will the ios 5 GM ever expire?

    • no and if so it will not expire b4 Oct, 12 because iOS Beta 7 expire Oct, 20 so u good

  • msxy


    Do you know any store that sale iphones and ship it internationally ?
    i don’t want ebay or bestbuy or even amazon i am talking about a store.
    if any body knows tell me pliz i live in africa but want to have the new iphone unlocked too.

    Thank you

    • Chris

      Google some retailers in Belgium. Here you just can buy it factory unlocked, and we have no Apple stores but just official resellers. Maybe The Phone House does it…

      • msxy

        thx Chris

  • Max

    Let me get this straight: if you want Siri you need the iPhone 4S? So Siri is not a software?

    • BLTKOR

      Yeah its fortware but i guess it takes up a lot of cpu & ram so to use the function’s you need and 4s as it is a lot faster than the iphone 4.

      • BLTKOR

        that is software not fortware πŸ™‚

  • Max

    Let me get this straight: if you want Siri you need the iPhone 4S? So Siri is not a software? It won’t work with other iPhones?

    • Correct.

      • Akshaylal

        But if it’s hardware why can’t it work on the iPad 2, as that has very similar hardware to the iPhone 4S?

  • Chris

    They’ll break it into the others by Jailbreak… You’ll see it’s just a challenge… and I am pretty sure that at least on the iPhone 4 it should run pretty well!!

  • Will I Be Able 2 Aske Siri “Where’s My Remote” If Not I’m Keeping My 4

  • Josh


  • kp

    Could anyone write down the steps on how to upgrade to iOS 5 GM with dev account!!??

  • joao

    Is iOS 5 already jailbroken?

    Can we upgrade with no fear?

    • Juan

      yes it is but tethered only.

      • joao

        ty πŸ™‚

  • Kjeldor

    quick question: will iOS5 GM work with Gevey SIM?

    • ic0dex

      Yes but you need to preserv your baseband from iOS 4.3.3/03.10.01 or iOS 4.3.5 04.10.01. Also there are different instructions that need to be followed.

  • Meena

    Just install iOS 5 in my iPad 2 wiz out jailbreak or any other tool it’s it nice tile now

  • Shifty

    Installed iTunes 10.5 beta 7 on windows but it won’t open. Even with admin. Any ideas anyone?

  • Steve

    Does the gevey sim work on ios5 if I preserve the baseband at 4.10.1??

  • Joe

    just installed IOS 5GM with no issues. What i’ve played around with so far, I like the changes. Right now I have one issue with it, which is Google tasks doesn’t sync. Besides that I had no issues installing it being a non developer.

    • Jay

      Did you update to itunes 10.5 beta 7? And if so, what happens when you update to beta 7? Did you have to backup your library first or just simply downloaded beta 7 and iOS5 and did the install? Thanks in advance for the help!

  • d0ntp4n1c

    Mine prompts that it needs to restore my phone but i cant close the dialog box no matter how many times I click okay v.v

  • d0ntp4n1c

    thats on a XP machine at work. Will try on Windows 7 when I get home

    • Joe

      Worked with no issues on an XP machine for me. Just make sure you have the proper version of itunes installed, back up all your data, hold down shift, press restore, and then choose the ios 5 gm ipsw file you downloaded. Couldn’t be any easier.

  • d0ntp4n1c

    On my machine when I got into DFU mode it opens itunes and the prompt comes up saying it detected a phone in restore mode as normal. However no matter how many times i click ok or hit the X is stays there :/ running itunes 10.5 beta 7

    • d0ntp4n1c

      per itunes about screen version

      • Joe

        You don’t even need to go into dfu mode. Just plug your iphone in as normal and then do what I said above and your set. It’s really easy, you don’t even need tinyumbrella or anything breaking related.

  • d0ntp4n1c

    I should have mentioned I am doing this with the snowbreeze method to jailbreak and to my understanding being in DFU mode is required to do that. I will give it a try without DFU mode and snowbreeze ispw as well as stock ios5 and see what happens. Thanks for the replys Joe

    • d0ntp4n1c

      Broke it again lol iTunes has detected an iphone in recovery mode window. Wont go away by licking ok or red X. Now to downgrade itunes and get back on ios4 v.v

  • d0ntp4n1c

    Ok so this doesn’t make much sense but if anyone else runs into this, this is how i resolved it. Put phone in DFU mode with iBooty then force close itunes. Unplug phone and then force close itunes.(if it opened back up during iBooty process) Open itunes and browse around the preferences window then plug in phone and click ok quick. Then follow normal restore+shift process. Fricken weird bug but they don’t call them betas for nothing *shrugs

    • Jamesandyori

      This worked for me! Thanks do much! My phone was stuck in a loop for hours!

    • jamesandyori

      Thanks so much!

  • Arnie

    I’m getting 3194 error

    • unistall and reinstall itunes it should work then but if it dont try it on another computer.!

      • Also make sure u have itunes 10.5 beta 7 on Windows or itunes 10.5 beta 9 on Mac

  • kyle n

    ty sooo much that restore bug was rly startin to piss me off too πŸ™‚ wierd bug but like u said still beta for 2 days