If you’ve missed today’s festivities and want to get the rundown of the event in video format, we’ve got you covered.

On top of posting video presentations of the new iPhone 4S, iCloud, and the Siri assistant on its website, Apple now has made them available on YouTube, and they’re all here for you to watch in one convenient place…

  • sylvan

    Double speed ,Ram , Beautiful camera with HD , Siri , Retina display ,white , more memory , Damn Boy am Sold !

  • FeO

    So should I upgrade to this iPhone 4S or just stay with my iPhone 4 im really undecided. And I do alot of game playing.

    • FeO

      It just get an iPad 2

  • Justin

    I don’t care what anyone says. It’s an iPhone 4S. NOT an iPhone 5. Just loon at the the 3G and 3GS. It’s not meant to be a monumental overhaul. The Galaxy 1 and 2 aren’t that much different either so all you Android fanboys can stop before posting. You can’t magically snap a finger and innovate something. Apple makes sure and does it right before releasing it. A little disappointed but expected. I’m completely content with Apples announcements today.

    • Diyab


  • AppleBits

    Oh I’m totally getting one!

  • rick

    i still use a 3G (not even a 3GS) – hell yes I want the 4S!

    • karl


    • Joush

      I have a 3G too. I allowed multitasking etc so its really slow just so when I get the 4S it’ll be a drastic improvement 🙂

  • jo-macral

    I’m sold

  • Rick

    I thought that it would have i bit more stuff. It just seems a little to bland coming from apple. So is there going to be a iPhone 5 soon or is this it?

  • DebTym

    My first question to the “Siri” would be “when will the iPhone 5 be?’ haha. But I’ll be getting this one. Larger screen is nice but that would be in the iPhone 5. So until that I’ll get this 4S. This is a another break through in the tech world. And watching this Ads all over again just amazes me and makes me excited.. and…sing Rolling in the Deep..

  • Chris Williams

    Not gonna get it, BUT….iPhone5 with Siri=EPIC AWESOMENESS!!!

    • sean

      Yea , i think apple went with iphone 4s cause its suping up the iphone 5 (i hope), just imagine, if they can make 3g download speeds as fast as 4g , just imagine if its on actual lte and wit a a6 processor (probably a 3d processor

      • sean

        On a iphone 5 , speaking

  • Dennis

    I repeat the previous question……

    Will there be an IPhone 5 in the near future…….

    Does anybody kows of this ????

  • That new Siri technology is almost scary smart. Overall in my opinion the iPhone 4S, iOS 5, iCloud, etc.. is everything and more that we could have expected from today’s keynote event from Apple.

  • AJ


  • Another iPhone!!!! 4S. I have an iPhone 4 and i will not switch to this 4S until i get the clear and better market reviews on the same. Rather i will wait for the iPhone 5.

    • ic0dex

      I’m with you!!!

  • Ehsan

    There wont be an iPhone 5 prolly, its gonna be iPhone 6!


    Apple produts always give us the best and easy way for all people , thanks apple .

  • Marco

    Very BIG disappointment.. He’ll NO that I’m gonna put my i4 away for some silly improvements.
    The most important missing feature is the bigger screen, and for the people saying then devs have to remake all apps to make it work.. So be it that’s what they get payd for when we buy there apps!!
    I’m afraid that when Steve left the innovation left with him, this are just little tweaks and Nottingham worth mentioning so I don’t get all the hyping you iPhone blogs are posting now.

    Time for Steve to get better and be CEO again, so that we dont have to watch a Steve imitator do the keynote and we have the best device at every launch not just the same as all other top models of phones!!!

    • Justin

      Cook has been running the ship for a while now. Sonyour comment about Steve Jobs leaving with all the innovation is laughable. The same department heads have been there for every iPhone also, it’s the same creative minds that have done every iPhone. The CEO doesn’t invent a product all by himself.

  • I’m sooooooo excited

  • Cam Cam

    iCloud an Siri are nice but probably data hogs. That’s pretty much my only worry with this type of technology.

  • nexen

    yeah yeah so nice to get one, but not just simple like that to have one if like me cant afford.. oh poor boy, so you guys go and enjoy every new tech.. 🙁 i’m be happy to read your exciting shared experience 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i like siri and want to buy iPhone 4s because of it. But it is said it is only work in US can you help me out when it going to function in UK.