AppleCare is a popular service that extends the warranty on all of Apple’s major products. It gives purchasers 90 days of free over-the-phone support, and adds an extra year to the standard hardware warranty.

Typically, this service doesn’t cover accidental damage. Those looking for that kind of coverage had to enroll in some type of insurance plan. But Apple is looking to change all that with its introduction of AppleCare+…

AppleCare+, which will be available October 14, costs $99, and users must enroll in the plan at the same time they purchase their new iPhone. And for the first time ever, the support package covers accidental damage.

On top of adding an additional year to your smartphone’s warranty, AppleCare+ will also cover two incidents of damage due to handling errors. So if you drop your iPhone and crack the screen or backplate, Apple will repair it for you for a small fee.

How small? According to TUAW, Apple will extract a $49 service charge for fixing your broken device. Even with the upfront charge of $99, that’s still a pretty good deal, considering that new iPhones (not on contract)  run upwards of $600.

Keep in mind that you will only get two opportunities to have your damaged device serviced, and make sure to underline the words accidental damage. I doubt Apple would repair a phone that’s been thrown against the wall repeatedly .

Regardless, it still sounds like a good deal. I remember when you couldn’t even purchase insurance for the iPhone. So basically if you ruined the handset, you were out of luck.

Do you plan on picking up AppleCare+ for your new iPhone?

  • goofygreek

    Nope, i fix iphones and the parts for the most common accidents, like the screen got shattered, are pretty cheap. I have done so many iphone 4’s that i could do it blind folded. Ok, maybe not blind folded, but you get the idea. I have never had to fix mine though. (knock on wood)

    • I suppose if that’s the case in your situation then you’re likely better off saving your money. It’s great you’re able to fix and repair iPhone’s, for the average user though the $99 would be a good investment because most people wouldn’t even know where to start if their iPhone 4S got busted.

  • Greg

    A friend of mine without Apple care got her entire phone replaced for free when she dropped her iPhone 4 and the glass shattered.

  • AltF4

    I used the Genius Bar 1 time forgiveness plan.
    I ended up cracking my screen, replacing it from an aftermarket screen that caused issues, and thus having me to constantly disassemble it to troubleshoot (thanks forits awesome guides). But I had removed the battery clip 1 too many times and a connector prong broke. Trying to solder it back on tosted all connections. I made a Genius Bar appt that day, and after a lot of waiting, I figured I would be forking over $200 for a refurbished iPhone.
    After explaining it did not work, he then asked if I took it apart (he could tell by the missing mesh netting in the earpiece) and when reading online about how the Genius’s like honestly and can help if u tell the truth (bc they are always lied to), I said I disassembled the whole thing in attempt to fix it.

    He said I cant be doing that, but will be able to help me out. He came from the back with a completely new iPhone 4 32GB (same as mine that I killed) with the peel off covers on both sides (him walking and taking them off), ready to go, saying:
    you are all set, but NEVER take these apart again. We don’t want anyone doing that at all.

    I couldn’t believe it, I had no Apple Care plan, out of service warranty, and admitted I took the entire thing apart… and he brought me a new one in seconds. I was actually in absolute shock.
    Apparently all stores and Genius’ personnel are different, but they do have the power and authorization to do those things if they feel it is necessary.

    AppleCare is a completely different animal, which I ended up buying, but it really has lots of loops, hoops, conditions, and trouble.

    Conclusion: Just take it into the Apple store and be honest when bad things happen.
    Skip on AppleCare (IMO)

    Maybe if AC+ covers water damage for that $50 fee it may be worth it, but otherwise, I am just not sure if such a plan would be required, since Apple stores really do help and provide immediate solutions to NICE and HONEST customers.

    Just my input 🙂

    • Kelvin

      Inspiring story 🙂

      • AltF4

        Thanks Kelvin 🙂
        +1 for scientific name 😛

  • ReanimationXP

    I see a thinly-veiled attempt at stopping events like the above. “We could have replaced this free, but…”

    Free replacements are about to go the wayside.