Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Apple is holding its “Let’s Talk iPhone” event today. Tim Cook and the Apple executive team will be unveiling iCloud, iOS 5, and a new iPhone. We’ll probably also see updated iPod hardware, and perhaps another surprise.

Apple announced that it won’t be streaming the event today, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay on top of everything that’s happening. We at iDB will be brining you breaking news on the event as it happens.

Stay tuned to the frontpage of iDB for news on what Apple announces today. The event starts at 10am PT, or 1pm ET in the US. To see when it starts in your country, click here.

Read our predictions for today’s event while you’re waiting for the keynote to start.

It’s a big day, folks. We’re very excited!

  • Cameron Carlyon

    Can’t wait even though it’s been half a hour since it was meant to start…

    • One Take

      10 am Pacific time (GMT-8)

      • Cameron Carlyon

        Oh sorry messed up my times :S Being on the other side of the world also don’t help much… 😀

  • Eric bartoszak

    It is meant to start 10 a.m pst thats not for another 3 hours. 20 minutes

  • Dennie

    Can’t wait! 3+ more hours! It will be midnight here, though. Zzz!

  • Rob

    No live blog function yet? Was hoping you guys would have it for this keynote.

  • BLiNK

    will you guys be tweeting info as well?

    • Yep! All posts and updates will be on the @iDownloadBlog account as well.

      • BLiNK

        awesome. thank you!

  • Eddie

    Sucks. I have classes from 1230 to 445. And then another one at 7. Add driving time and the fact I have to cram for a test in that gap and I won’t be able to digest all the new iPhone news until like 9 est tonight

  • mopo

    WHy there is no video coverage??? one single person personaly attending can broadcast that event from Iphone!!! UStream Broadcaster!!! nobody wants that publicity fame and money from ads to be the Only person broadcasting Video?!!!

    • Micke

      They are not allowed to do that, of course. Only live text reporting, and photos maybe. No live video streaming at all.

    • sean

      Somebody might sneak a feed, some ppl did last year as apple told them not to

      • sean

        Well not last year , but this year when they announced ios5

  • Kewei

    Live steam here:
    I am not sure if it works, got the ling form a friend:)

    • sean

      Nice link , i see the countdown, thanx

  • sean

    Im in chicago , that means it starts like at 11 or 12 right ?

    • dick

      12PM for Chicago, sir.

      • sean

        *in my 70’s voice” Right on , soul brother

  • hurtman

    when’s the blogging begin?