In the midst of dozens of last-minute iPhone rumors flying about today, TUAW points to an interesting article from The Wall Street Journal. The Journal recently spoke to Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg about the company’s mobile strategy.

During the conversation, Nordberg mentions Apple’s popular smartphone in a comment that seemingly sums up the feelings of all of the other handset manufacturers in the industry: “We should have taken the iPhone more seriously…”

As TUAW mentions, the CEO’s comments are likely referring to the company’s slow transition from producing feature handsets to smartphones. This cost them 3% in mobile phone marketshare, slipping from 4.3% to 1.7% over the last two years.

During that same period, Apple went from having less than 1% of the mobile phone market, to 2.4% in 2010. Earlier this year, that number nearly doubled to 4.9%. Not bad for a company that releases a single new smartphone model per year.

Although there were rumors of Apple entering the cell phone market back in 2006 (actually they were around for years), the iPhone certainly took the competition by complete surprise. Can Apple do it again tomorrow? Tune in to iDB to find out.

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  • that’s what smartphones manufacturers should have thought long before… cheers!

  • Mcsteven

    That’s what apple does though. Apple invents, and others copy and piggy back on the new technologies apple comes out with.

  • david

    ohh wow really mature ..censor the comments which points out that you blatantly copy/paste articles from other website…

    • I don’t censor. I moderate. It’s different. Your claim that we’re copy/pasting from Engadget is ridiculous. Now if you want to make the case for it, show me real examples of text copied from Engadget. If you can’t provide any evidence for that, please don’t wrongly accuse us.

      Besides, I don’t think anyone at iDB still reads Engadget.

      • Steve

        I’m sure everyone at iDB reads Engadget. I see alot of articles copied from there to here. However, it’s pretty common nowadays. I also see the same exact information from here on i4iphones. Not sure if they are the same editors or not. But this site always has identical information from other sites as well. But who cares, its all the same sources anyway.

  • Sebastien we don’t. To tell you guys I read 9to5mac, TUAW and Modmyi. They all write about similar things but with their own opinions! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • Steve
    • i4iphones definitely rips off our content. You can even read at the bottom of their post “via iDB”.

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        Hahaha, Steve is PWND. Btw, I don’t care if iDB copies information, now i have to look to only one blog. Other ways i’ll have to look to 694654610 different blogs.

    • Once an idiot, always an idiot.

  • sean

    Like i said before they went from saying they are staying the course with their devices and apple don’t know nothing about mobile phones , to building me-too phones, and turn around and say apple isn’t being innovative enough……. yea more like, make something new apple so we can mimic that too and give it to our core apple hater audience, petty

  • fdxgncgfn

    Actually, a long time ago Apple partnered with now mortal enemy Nokia to make the iTunes phone, a phone that has iTunes built in.

    • Shaq Steel

      I thought it was Motorola ROKR that they paired with to break into the mobile industry. they had some garbage iTunes app written in JAVA for it. Than jumped queue to AT&T once the basic connections were made and the iPhone launched.

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    I read only idb.

    • Me too… way to go, iDB!.

  • mohgui

    the other smartphone makers ain’t that smart after all…