Are you going to be following Tuesday’s special event? I’m not talking about the upcoming iPhone announcement – who cares about that? I’m talking about the other special event. The one held by Adobe at 10am, where the company is supposed to announce new user experiences both in the browser and in apps.

It is unclear who chose the date and time first, but one thing is sure: I doubt many people will be following Adobe’s announcement while Apple is unveiling its next iPhone…

In Adobe’s defense, this event is part of the week-long annual Adobe Max conference, and chances are that this was scheduled months in advance. It probably just happened to be an unfortunate coincidence.

At least Adobe’s event will be streamed live, which is probably not going to be the case for Apple’s event.

[NY Times]

  • Anon

    Perhaps, maybe, by some chance & coincidence, Apple & Adobe worked out a deal & flash is gonna be supported on iOS5?

  • Primo Sindone

    Could this mean that Flash is coming to the iPhone?

    • Greg

      LOL! you so funny.

    • Greg

      LOL! you are so funny.

    • Will

      You’re so hilarious …

      • Dusean

        It’s probably announcing how they are now on their knees with their mouths open , cause now they are using HTML 5 with flash. So yea iPhone will now be able to use flash in a HTML 5 format

      • Primo Sindone


  • I think I can manage watching this live in one tab while simultaneously having Twitter open on my iPod following the Apple event. That’s if I was following either of the events live, which I’m not… I’ll just wait for both events to occur and then soak up all the news that comes out afterwards.

  • Burge

    Flash on a Idevice…No
    It’s like Apple putting full on bluethooth on a idevice .it is not going to happen

  • Ehsan

    Apple is prolly messin with Adobe by chosing 4th of october 10am.

    • SimonOrJ

      Adobe stated that it has strong relationship with Apple, so why would it? -_-;

  • What channel?

  • fdxgncgfn

    let’s hope the event has live streaming right next to the screen where Apple shows its demos, ads, and other stuff in their keynotes.