The ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung just took another turn this morning, with The Wall Street Journal reporting that Samsung offered a secret deal to put off Apple disputes over the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.

If the deal is accepted, Samsung could start selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia as soon as next week. The details of the deals remain secret, but I do have my ideas…

According to a source familiar with the matter, Samsung offered to include two Apple stickers in each Galaxy Tab 10.1 box. I’m joking of course.

Even though the details of the deal aren’t public, it’s safe to assume that a financial compensation is at stake. I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung agreed to pay Apple a certain amount per unit sold.

Hopefully they can find an agreement and replicate it to other countries where Apple and Samsung are already in a legal feud. This situation has been going on for too long, and a friendly agreement might just be beneficial for both companies.

  • Josh

    Apologize my ignorance, but what the hell Apple cares anyway if the Galaxy Tab is sold in Australia? Not like Australia is their biggest source of income, and even if it was, I don’t think just another iPad-wannabe would damage iPad sales. In my opinion, the iPad will still be on top, for at least 2-3 more years.

    • Dude, it was in the Wall Street Journal! We linked to it in the second sentence of the first paragraph.

      Please go spread your hate else where.

    • sean

      Dude (jon garrett) if u made this comment on yout firdt visit and never visited again ,we’ll still disagree with ur speed reading result of a opinion, but we’ll understand why u never return. but you are proving how much of a idiot you are by constantly visiting and complaining. stop tryin to gather a following and kick bricks jerk

    • Hey Josh,

      Your ignorance is okay. Apple is going after Samsung in Australia to set a precedent – a small market is much easier to set a precedent in than a larger market like the USA. Furthermore, I expect that Apple’s Attorneys figure that Australia will be a “slam-dunk” to win.

      Once Apple wins in Australia and sets a precedent, then they can use that to win other battles in larger countries!

      – Eric

      P.S. Sebastien – thanks dude for building iDB to be an EXCELLENT (daily stop) Website!!! 🙂

      • Thank YOU 🙂

      • Cameron Carlyon

        Eric: If Apple are working their way up to larger countries why was Europe first (I know its a continent)?

      • sOleFresh


  • justintime

    It’s all about setting a legal precedence. Once Apple wins in one location, it is easier to make the argument in all the other countries. Pretty common legal tactic.

  • Clement

    Apple got so much $ already, they will stop Samsung with any possible ways, How much Samsung can pay? Apple not dumbass and they wont need any more $ , they need their balls

    • Josh

      Just because Apple has lots of money doesn’t mean Samsung doesn’t have a lot too. Of course, not as much as Apple.

  • Ben

    Samsung will probably offer to provide the screens for the iPhone 6 for free 

  • Gus Me

    You have to love the trolls who come out and have to reply to every post it seems. If this site sucks so much, wth are you doing checking it as often as you are? If asked I’d say yes some of the “news”/posts on here are not for me, but I wasn’t asked and if I’m not interested in some of them…
    I do something crazy like not read them. I know its crazy, but it works for me 😉

  • rick maahea

    not much a secret if everyone knows its happening now is it? I dont think they would pay Apple per unit sold. it wouldn’t make sense business wise, and it certainly wouldn’t be good for Samsung moving forward to get involved with that sort of thing. I’d venture to say Apple would end up owning Samsung due to such a “deal”. That might happen anyway, though i doubt it.