After scoring the lost iPhone 4 prototype last year, it was hard for Gizmodo to outdo themselves this year. Yet they still did, by publishing the world’s first iPhone 5 review four days before the device is actually unveiled by Apple.

How could they possibly do this? The answer is rather simple: by creating a physical mockup based on the rumors we’ve heard, but also by focusing their review mainly on iOS 5. The result isn’t as bad as you’d think…

“What’s the point of waiting for the same few people to write the same single glowing review of Apple’s new phone? There is none. So we didn’t.

We had our intern make a mock-up of the new phone using specs from the leaked cases; we found other devices that made use of some of the iPhone’s components; and we carried the foam core iDevice for a couple weeks, loaded up our actual phones with iOS5 and iCloud and got down to business.

This is the first review of the iPhone 5. Sure, it’s a little, uhm, hacked-together, but I’ll bet you it’s not going to differ significantly from the officially sanctioned reviews that come out next week.”

You can read the full review here.

We at iDB will just wait for the real thing next week.

  • Burge

    I hope it does look like the pic above..and with the Cydia icon on it as well…

  • Phosphorus

    I’d be laughing my pants off if it looks exactly like that, with the sharp random edges on the home-button and vague screen.

  • Frank

    lol, epic

  • lolwut


    • Dimz

      Nah, really? Lol

  • James

    I’m so tired of reading about the iPhone 5. When is the iPhone 6 being released?

    • Ethan

      @James According to my reliable source whom have some Apple insider connections and have previously corrected predictions that iPhone 6 will be released right after iPhone 5s


    Are you crazy?, iPhone 5 will come with an IOS 5 and we can’t jailbreaked an IOS 4.3.5

  • albert

    that is not even an lcd :)) it is a piece of paper sticked on a piece of black .. cardboard

  • Josh

    Lol if that’s a prototype, then my 3rd grade brother could be an architect.

  • zaba

    fake fake fake, I only know how iphone 5 looks because am currenty holding one right now, I tell you that iphone 5’s screen is same size as 4 that’s all i have so say!!

    • matt

      and i’m the pope now kiss my ring!

  • Steve

    It has a metal on the back just like 2G

  • Randy Wheeler

    it had better be an iphone 5 and not some 4s or i am going to move to the samsung S II.
    If there is no LTE its because AT&T has 3 cities and verizon is ready. whats the payoff here Apple?

  • rajesh

    did ny one noticed “IPOD” written on top left hand corner…….

    • matt

      try reading comprehension. the above article clearly states the “device” is a MOCKUP. will let you know what that means.

      nowhere in this article did they say the picture above was of an actual iphone 5. *facepalm*

  • iphone roxkz

    There is iPod Written on it.. FAKEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    • Joe

      No that can’t be right (Saracstic) really? Did you even read the review?

  • alex

    thissis fake

  • djtothee


    To everyone that has realised it is a fake it clearly states mock up, the definition of that is all the rumours merged together to summarise what it COULD be it is fake correct as they have no EVIDENCE

    Clap clap!!!

    Stop filling the blogs with bollocks clearly it’s fake why does everyone fill up the page with shit!!!!!!!

  • Omarjk13

    the top left corner says ipod

  • AbuJaffer

    I’m guessing the people who constantly say they’re leaving the blog because of “fake rumors” (yet never do) are the same as those screaming fake. Ironic, isn’t it?

    Read the article will you? There’s a description there for a reason… [facepalm]

  • I don’t think the new iPhone will look like that!

  • I don’t think so..
    The shape is so bad and not good on hand.

  • no iphone 5 only iphone 4s.