For those of you who aren’t familiar with Shazam, it’s a music identification service that can tell you song information just by hearing a sample of the music. The service has followed the smartphone’s rise to popularity with multiple successful mobile apps.

In fact, Shazam was the first song I.D. app I downloaded when Apple launched the App Store in 2008. It worked great and even more importantly, it was free. You could tag as many songs as you wanted and it didn’t cost a dime. But then things changed…

As MacRumors explains, Shazam shifted its business model in 2009. It launched a new paid app, Shazam Encore, and enforced a new 5-song-tags-per-month limit for the free version. Although previous users were able to keep the unlimited feature, it still stung.

Today, however, the company announced that it is finally bringing back unlimited tagging to the free Shazam app. This move puts the software into the same category as other song-identifying apps with unlimited tagging like SoundHound and MusicDNA ID.

I haven’t tried either of those applications, but I’ve always enjoyed Shazam. And the fact that you aren’t limited anymore on the number of songs you can tag is a major plus. If you want to try it out, you can download the new free Shazam app from the App Store.

What’s your favorite song identifying app?

  • Nicholas

    Thanks for gving the upgrade after I’ve paid the $4.99.

    • Jasper

      +1 happened to me too..

      • Dude, stop tripping out. Nobody could forsee the future, and know that one day Shazam would have unlimited tagging. Besides, you probably waste that much money on some fast food. Stop complaining.

    • +1

      I love the Shazam service and tried for months to use just the 5 tags…. But, I found I loved it way toooooooo much and opted to pay the $4.99 upgrade too, just like Nicholas and Jasper just commented they did.

      So, WTF Shazamm?? What about us who recently plunked down our $5 bucks!!!! You need to either refund to us (ha ha, that’ll happen) or something.

      – Eric

  • Nicholas

    Thanks for giving the upgrade after I’ve paid the $4.99.

  • Nicholas

    Thanks for giving the upgrade after I’ve paid the $4.99.

  • mersim

    soundhound is way better really 😀 it gives automatic lyrics,you can even sing to the app and it works great 😉

    • Eddie

      +1. I’ve been using soundhound forever. I use it more to keep track of songs I want to download

    • XepptizZ

      Feature wise defijitly better, but what an atrocious interface.

      • Justin

        SoundHounds interface is 100% better than Shazaam’s boring one. More fun and visually appealing.

  • Justin

    I’m still using Shazam version 1.7.0. I never updated it because they were putting a limit on it. And the oldest song I’ve tagged was Moke – The Long Way on September 21, 2008.
    So, I guess Shazam is my favorite since I’ve never tried another one. It’s cool to look at all the songs I’ve tagged and try to remember where I heard it.

  • Fred K.

    The statement that “previous users were able to keep the unlimited feature” is patently false. I had the app when it included unlimited tagging. One day I upgraded my iOS apps and, suddenly, I found myself limited to the 5 tags-a-month. I switched over to SoundHound and found it to be a better experience. I won’t consider using Shazam again because of the way they handled that transition.

    • Justin

      I’m still enjoying the unlimited tagging with my older version. Maybe that’s what is meant by previous users.
      I’m also not updating several other apps to keep features that I don’t want to lose.
      Camera+ (v1.2.1) so I can take pictures using the volume button.
      Pandora (v2.0) will play non-stop with no ‘commercials.’

  • revvxz

    Thismis why you use soundhound… Its wayyy faster and uses memory to hold a song when not on 3g or wifi.

  • Jason Masters

    you probably waste that much money on some fast food. Stop complaining. damn thats cold man….