If you checked out our RedSn0w 0.9.9b1 video walkthrough, you saw for yourself how much of a drastic change the latest version is.

One of the most compelling features added to the new RedSn0w, is the ability to ‘stitch’ your SHSH blobs to their corresponding firmwares. This makes it so that you have a self contained means of downgrading firmware, well after it stops being signed by Apple.

Even better, is the fact that it’s completely standalone, meaning you won’t have to do any trickery in order to get iTunes to let you downgrade. By stitching an SHSH blob to a firmware file, iTunes is none the wiser.

Check out our full tutorial and video walkthrough of this incredibly handy new feature…

Note: Right off the bat, let me just say that this doesn’t work with the iPhone just yet. On their blog, the iPhone Dev Team states: “Need to work out the baseband part of the restore process…” Since iPhones use basebands, stitching isn’t compatible just yet.

The good news is, if you’re an iPod touch user, this should work fine for you; I actually created this tutorial using a 4th Generation iPod touch. Theoretically, the iPad Wi-fi should be supported as well, but I wasn’t able to get RedSn0w to recognize my SHSH blobs from my iPad 2.

Full Video Walkthrough

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Launch RedSn0w 0.9.9b1 and select ‘Extras’

Step 2: Select ‘SHSH blobs’

Step 3: Select ‘Stitch’

Step 4: Select ‘IPSW’ and choose your firmware.

Step 5: Select ‘Local’ and choose your SHSH blob. Note, you can use a tool like TinyUmbrella to save your SHSH blob(s) to a desktop location.

Step 6: Wait until RedSn0w finishes stitching the blobs. Upon completion, you will get a message indicating that stitching is complete.

Step 7: You should now see a newly created IPSW firmware file in the same location as the original IPSW. Save this in a safe location.

Step 8 (optional): You can now put your device into DFU mode, launch iTunes, and restore to that particular firmware, even though Apple is no longer signing that firmware. You can do this without changing the hosts file, running TinyUmbrella, etc. It’s a totally self-contained firmware file that will allow you to downgrade on a whim.

As stated, this functionality is not yet available for the iPhone, but feel free to try it out on your iPod touch to see how promising this feature is. You can download RedSn0w 0.9.9b1 from our downloads page.

What do you think about the new Stitch option? Do you find it as useful as I do?

  • Antish

    i’m new apple user, i bought my iPod Touch 4th gen months ago and at that time i Jailbreak it on iOS 4.3.3, but being ignorant i upgraded it on iTunes when iOS 4.3.4 came out and can’t downgrade to 4.3.3 since i didn’t save my SHSH Blobs (i didn’t know anything about these at that time)..now i have a simple iPod Touch 4th Gen having iOS 4.3.4 without Jailbreak! any solution? :/

    • David

      I’m pretty sure Cydia would have backed your SHSH blobs up, just get tinyumbrella and try back them up.

      Then if it let’s you back them up your fine. Just downgrade and jailbreak again and make sure you keep a copy on your PC/Mac.

      • Antish

        i downloaded Latest Version of Tiny Umbrella V5.00.11 and started TSS server to find if my SHSH blobs were saved, but it continued searching for more than half an hour and no result!
        The i stopped it and clicked on “Save SHSH” instead, and it finished saving it!
        but on the General info on Tiny umbrella, there’s written ”saved SHSHs for iPod: iPod4G 4.3.3(8J2) ”

        why does it say so when my current iOS version is 4.3.4?

    • David

      Yeah just because your on 4.3.4 doesn’t mean your SHSH for 4.3.3 goes out the window, that’s how you downgrade.

      Everytime a new firmware comes out apple signs it until another firmware comes out – meaning Apple will let you upgrade/restore to it – after Apple stops signing a firmware you can’t restore or upgrade to it as normal, I mean your not even supposed to downgrade that’s why you need to back up your SHSH Blobs for each firmware but don’t worry Cydia does this automatically as long as you chose to the first time you used Cydia which you did, but it’s always nice to have a backup on your PC/Mac using tinyumbrella.

      So basically your 4.3.3 SHSH Blobs are saved as I thought before, all you have to do is a little google search on how to downgrade 4.3.4 to 4.3.3. I’m sure there’s a similar guide on iDB as it is so that’s all you need to do.

      • Antish

        Thank you so much for the help. I did as you said, downgraded to iOS 4.3.3 without errors and Jailbreak my iPod with Jailbreak me! 🙂

      • Did he/she have Cydia on her ipod before he/she did the upgrade? oh yeah, probably cuz their ipod was already jailbroken..

  • james016

    It’s a really good idea. Hope they get the iPhone version working soon.

  • Lui

    When i try to downgrade iTunes tells me the firmware is corrupt.
    I have tried to downgrade the long way (editing host file) and it
    worked but my device was stuck in dfu mode and no matter how
    many times i used redsnow it would still end up in dfu mode every
    time i turned it off. Any solutions?


    I try to downgrade IOS but iTunes tells me the firmware is corrupt.

    • David

      Did you put your iDevice in DFU mode?

      You may also need to edit yours hosts file, for that do a google search lol.

  • dtsm

    Really would help if it works for iPad2. Tried it twice and got a message that iPad2 is not supported [yet?}

    • iPad 2 Wi-Fi should work, but SHSHes just don’t work at all with the 3G models.


  • Alan

    I recently bought an iDevice and it had iOS 4.3 installed. Will the new solution from Redsnow let me update to 4.3.3 without forcing the 4.3.5 update? If so, how to do this?

    • David

      Couldn’t you just do a standard DFU mode upgrade?

      • Alan

        Nope, Apple now doesn’t sign 4.3.3 and I keep getting an error 🙁 It’s an iPad 2 by the way, and what’s odd, I can’t jailbreak 4.3 via jailbreakme. Any solutions?

    • David

      Yeah I know they don’t sign 4.3.3 anymore obviously because 4.3.5 is out, I personally don’t have an iPad 2, only an iPT 4 and a iPhone 3G.

      From my understanding you can’t enter DFU mode? If so that is odd, all I can say is to just try it again and make sure your doing it right also I don’t know why you can’t jailbreak 4.3, I did on my iPT 4. Though I’m not sure if the iPad 2 can be jailbroke on anything other than 4.3.3 but I don’t think that’s the case.

      As I stated before I don’t own an iPad 2 so I’m not the best of help, sorry about that but I mean if you want to buy me one and I could help you some more 😉

  • Infinite∞

    Is stitching just attaching the blob to the IPSW?
    And we have to use the blob for the same firmware, right?

    • Yes, and yes.

  • babe

    All the 3G stuff including ipad 3g. ipad cdma, iphone4, iphone 3gs, ipad2 has shsh baseband also.
    Since ipad1 and iphone4, and below has bootroom exploit, there;s nothing to worry because it can be pushed to exit recovery of mismatched baseband with firmware.

    however the ipad2 doesnt have bootrom exploit, so even you can stitched it, it will never works if baseband is upgraded by apple. so wish that ios 5 has same baseband as durango 3.x firmware.

  • Maureen

    I have the Iphone4 with version 4.1 firmware. My phone is jail broken and unlocked. I’d like to upgrade to the newer firmware to prevent what happened to my iphone 3gs. It crashed because I didn’t upgrade when I was supposed to or so I was told. Should I or shouldn’t I? If I should, which programs should I use to unlock and should I download the new redsn0w to save my current shsh? Please help. Thanks.

  • ben

    please assist with an shsh file for ipsw 4.3.3 for the iphone 4. i forgot to save mine. please please please.
    email me: mutambo.ben@gmail.com

    • Sorry, but if you didn’t backup your SHSHes while 4.3.3 was the latest iOS version, there’s no way to get them any more.


      • ben

        But doesn’t Cydia automatically backs them up ? if that is so, how do manually download them as a file so that i can use them to stitch my IPSW with redsn0w my iPhone’s information is as follows:

        iPhone 4:

        ICCID 8927 0000 0102 8736 985
        IMEI 01 243100 768176 3
        SERIAL 870392F7A4S
        MODEL MC603B

    • I apologise, I misunderstood what you said. If you used Cydia when 4.3.3 was the latest version, you’ll be able to save them to your computer with TinyUmbrella. You’ll find them in %UserProfile%\.shsh (Windows) or ~/.shsh (Mac) after you save them. Then you can use whichever method you want to restore to 4.3.3.


      • ben

        I am currently on IOS 5, will i still be able to access them despite me upgrading the phone, Please me with a step by step on how to go about my situation.
        the files were only saved onto cydia, but i never got around to save them onto my PC via tiny umbrella.

  • ben

    OMG i guess im nicely screwed :'( any possible alternative ?

  • hey, quick question, does this work with factory unlocked iphones? i have a factory unlocked iphone so the baseband is technically not an issue for me. hence this should work for me.
    the problem is, it says ‘blobs could not be verified’ when i try to use the redsnow stitch feature to stitch the shsh for 5.0.1 to its ipsw.

  • Spidey Nonese


  • <<<>>><<<>>><<<>>>

    Hey Guys,

    This the most useful topic, I have only one advice just download the SHSH cache from their server 😀
    It works like a charm. the redsn0w crap didnt wrok for me 🙁

    Thx devs n idownloadblog !

    From !ndia {{{{iFr3@k}}}}

    • dude will it works for iphone 4 5.0.1 firmware , on which iDevices u saved it iPhone or iPad ??

  • You can’t downgrade your ipad2 because there isn’t a dfu exploit for it and therefore no downgrade. There probably never will be a dfu exploit.

  • alo



  • ghufran

    sir kindly help me plzz
    I have an error at step 6 it doesn’t create the new ipsw compressed file idk y

  • will this work on iPad 2?
    and i am trying to upgrade to ios 6. do i need certain SHSH blob?

  • when i try to select the ipsw in redsn0w it says “stiching for this ipsw is not currently available” I have iPad 2 WIFI 3G. what can i do?

  • Soufiane Soufi

    I have the shsh blobs but i don’t know what is the ipsw version compatible whit it , any help please ?!

  • Ingrid del Castillo

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