Skype has updated its iPhone and iPad apps in the App Store with several new changes and features. Bluetooth headset support has finally been added to Skype for iOS. A “bugfix for security vulnerability” has also been added, making us think that the privacy vulnerability from earlier has been patched.

Anti-shake technology has also been introduced to help stabilize users’ video streams during a call. Skype has also added in-app advertisements for those who haven’t purchased Skype credit…

Skype for iPhone/iPod touch version 3.5.84

  • Bluetooth support for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th Generation, and iPad 2
  • Incoming emoticons; outgoing emoticons displayed when entered in text form
  • Enhanced video through image stabilization

Skype for iPad version 3.5.84

  • Bluetooth support for iPad 2
  • Advertising will be shown to users that do not have Skype Credit, a calling subscription or premium subscription.
  • Bugfix for security vulnerability”

According to Skype, “advertising will be shown to users that do not have Skype Credit, a calling subscription or premium subscription.” Those that haven’t purchased credit will undoubtedly hate this change.

Skype also noted that its iPhone app has been downloaded a staggering 60 million times. Bluetooth and image stabilization are welcomed additions to the app.

Here’s a video demo of Skype’s anti-shake feature in action:

You can download Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad in the App Store.

Are you upset that Skype is adding advertisements to its iOS app?

  • The weird thing is when it updated a pop up message said skype will not work with iOS alterations ( meaning jailbroken )
    Did a hard reset and it was fine

  • Stanford Law

    You sure the hard reset will solve that problem, I got that error too but I reverted back to version 3.0.1 instead.

    • Seems to be working ok at the moment bit odd how that’s happend tho

    • Jorge


  • `

    It shown the message,,, but later working fine… no reset…

  • Stanford Law

    yeah it’s working now after app restart.

  • Skype has always given me that error every time I do an update, just restart and you should be fine


    Thanks for listening Skype Engineers!

    I just installed the new update to my iPhone 4 and just made a quick call and it worked GREAT!

    I also like the new User Interface!

    Thanks again! 🙂

    – Eric

  • Andy

    Thank God! Does this include support for external speakers?

  • Vietnight


  • Vietnight

    +1 for Removing “End Call” showing up on screen all the time

  • raphael

    will the ads only be in the ipad version or the iphone version as well?

  • Vietnight

    both version have it
    iPhone version

    All Contacts
    ads: groupme
    all your contacts here

    Ads: groupme
    your recent message

  • Jonny