For months, analysts and pundits have speculated that Apple will be unveiling two new iPhone models this year. One would be the usual model refresh, and the other would be a low-end smartphone to help make inroads with the prepaid market.

Thankfully, the speculation will soon be over, as Apple finally announced its iPhone event slated for next Tuesday. Although the two model rumor is slowly losing traction, MacRumors has uncovered something interesting regarding the theory…

The Apple news blog has done some digging, and has discovered that the Cupertino company now controls the URL The domain name was registered by an unknown company on April 29th, and Apple took control on September 14th.

Of course, it could be nothing. Apple has been known to register domain names to protect its branding from being used by other ventures looking to profit off of the company’s popularity. On the other hand, it could mean everything.

A little over a month before WWDC this year, it was confirmed that Apple had taken control of And as most of you know, Steve Jobs took the stage in June to unveil the company’s new sync and storage service.

Could there really be an iCloud-based iPhone in the works? It’s possible. It would allow Apple to make a low-end device without the need for much, if any, onboard storage. Cloud phones have been attempted before, but they’ve generally returned dismal results.

We’ll find out what Apple is up to for sure on October 4th. Do you think we’ll see a cloud-based iPhone?

  • MrA

    Of course, it could be nothing.- yes

    On the other hand, it could be everything.- no

    Could there really be an iCloud-based iPhone in the works? – no

    Do you think we’ll see a cloud-based iPhone?- no

  • James

    I really don’t get why any1 would even want a phone with no onboard memory, how are you going to install apps or recorded videos n pictures taken with the camera, not to mention music, why the fuck wud any1 want to rely so heavily on something outside their control? So the cloud has problems and you can’t access any of your files, you have a paper weight in your hand that you now can’t do anything with but with built in memory you have full control over what’s on it and when .. The cloud as a replacement for onboard memory is the shittest idea there has ever been !!

    • Josh

      Had to be a rumor.

    • Lol a cloud iPhone would kill apple so quickly, it would never happen. Apple has just recently penetrated corporate companies, having everything relied on a a cloud would turn away all the companies that purchase iPhones, reliability would be thrown out the window, specially with the fact that AT&T and Verizon’s network could never handle the load. Plus everyone without unlimited data would chew through your plans like crazy.

  • Your Auntie

    Please guys!
    No more aimless comments.
    No more vulgar language.

    Keep it clean.
    Suspense is Apple’s stock in trade.

    • +1

    • Jamie

      Keeping it old school

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  • Goofygreek

    Do n

    • Goofygreek

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  • Joe

    The funny part about cloud base data is the phone companies are putting every effort forward to control data flow and data usage. Which in fact works against the whole cloud idea, free flowing personal data from a central location. As everyone knows Verizon, ATT, etc. have removed unlimited data plans and throttled users data usage. Now relying on cloud base data for all functionality is going to cost a user an arm and a leg. Who wins? The phone companies and Apple for making money off non knowledgeable user.