If the amount of evidence piling up that Sprint is about to get the iPhone was not enough, here is more oil to throw on the fire. iDB reader David S forwarded us a letter that Sprint sent him, letting him know that the company was discontinuing its Premier Program.

Among other benefits, the Premier Program allowed members to upgrade their phone every 12 month at the subsidized price…

If Sprint is indeed getting the iPhone next month, there is no doubt this move was made to prevent customers to upgrade their iPhone every year at a very low price. Sprint, who likes to advertise itself as the white knight of mobile carriers, has definitely been adjusting its strategy lately.

In the end, more carriers carrying the iPhone is better for us. Strong competition always ends up benefiting the customer.


  • anthonyappleguy

    I don’t understand why the release of Apple’s phone to a carrier makes the carrier redact all of its values and deals.

    • Wierdninja

      It’s called corporate greed.

    • Murdoc

      Cause it’s expensive and apple doesn’t want their phones to be marketed at $99 without sone sort of draw back to maintain its value

    • Josh

      Basically, apple makes it so no body makes money directly from there devices but them. An IPad costs a Radioshack 495.00 and they can only sell it for 499.00 the retail value of a phone may be 799.99 but the cost may be 300.00. The company can sell it for 149.99 and still make money due to contract sales. An iPhone has retail of 799.99 (example) but cost the company 759.99 so there is little to no chance of making a profit directly from the phone…. Basically a store carries iPhone for customers simply in holes the will by there case phone insurance extra batteries and other high profit margin addons to make up the difference.bget a delis to support your local reseller, or buy a damn case with your iPhone 5, by the way Radioshack will be carrying the new iPhone at launch, with the lowest prices and a they do price match with adds!

  • I believe they announced it weeks ago No?

  • David

    Ya, I hadn’t heard about it until I received the letter. I kinda see both sides….Sprint doesn’t want people trading an iPhone in every twelve months. I’m saving my rebate to see if Sprint gets the iPhone. Although my phone is Android (Evo), my first touch device was an iPod Touch (which I ruined with water damage). I’ve enjoyed both platforms, but before I ruined my itouch, it went wherever my android phone went. Miss the iOS experience….jailbroken of course.