Optimum, a big player in the New York cable TV business, also offers iPhone and iPad apps to its customers that bring live TV and on-demand content to iOS devices. Optimum’s apps have proven popular for those who use the service, but they now appear to have waged something of a war on the jailbreak community.

According to reports from its customers, Optimum’s iOS apps now fail to work on devices that have been jailbroken…

One EverythingiCafe forum member tells how he was faced with a new error when trying to run the Optimum TV app, with the message claiming that ‘an unauthorised and modified version’ of iOS was to blame.

“I have a jailbroken IPhone 4 with IOS 4.3.3. I recently downloaded the new Optimum TV App from the app store. When I log in with my optimum ID, it tells me that it has detected that I’m using an unauthorized and modified version of the Apple operating system. It goes on to say that I must update to the current IOS to use this App. I’m definitely not a newbie to the jail break world and have never had this happen with any other app.”

This isn’t the first time that an App Store app has complained about a jailbroken version of iOS – Skype’s iPhone app was one of the first to whine about a non-standard version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Thankfully, some appear to have had some success in bypassing this error by downloading and installing a new .deb file, though as with all things in this domain, your mileage may vary.

When contacted, Optimum claimed that their latest app update featured new security enhancements, and presumably the company is concerned about video piracy. A similar concern was the reason behind Netflix’s huge delay in coming to the Android platform.

Do you know of any other apps that don’t play well with jailbroken devices?

  • Motocross Mayhem (MX Mayhem) doesn’t work with jailbroken devices. It says something about a Sandbox Environment. I’ve also had issues with other apps. In the end, I restored to the latest iOS because not having my apps sucked worse than being locked down. Hopefully there will be a fix for this because I need to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS.

    • Jay

      Go to sbsettings. Find where Cydia app is located. Go to ifile and change Cydia.app to bydia.app. Respring. Redownload apps from AppStore. Good to go. Worked for optimum app

      • hey thanks for the information that was very help ful the only thing is that cydia doesnt open alongist u change the name back lol but that not really a big deal thanks again

  • Axl

    Sandbox is an appsync issue delete appsync and download app from AppStore again.

  • Justvashu

    Please dont link skyoe with optimum. Skype was crashing a lot because of mobile substrate and they coldnt fix it on their side so they stopped giving customer support for those crashes since they couldnt do anything about it. An updated version of mobile substrate fixed the bug. The skype app didnt even block jailbreakers.

  • kevin

    the only thing this is going to accomplish is piss off the jailbreakers enough (some that may not have even cared about the app) and will make them not only circumvent the inexecusable infringement upon our legal right to jailbreak our devices, but probably easily slide right through any protections they’ve put in place and compromise whatever material they are ham-fistedly trying to protect.

  • @Max_Kas

    Haha. Did Optimum not keep up on what we did to the Time Warner app?

    • Jarbarator

      Voddler app does the same and wont work properly with jailbroken devices. Maybe someone could do bypass to Voddler as well…

  • I created an video on youtube applyig and fixing the Optimum app jailbreak problem

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R1RsX-CCKM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R1RsX-CCKM

  • Jack

    There is a newer version of the app and it bypasses the fix. I had the fix working before the update. updated today and re installed the fix and it didnt work

  • RJ

    Correct…I just did the update and then installed the older fix and not letting me sign in. does a new deb fix file need to be created?

  • just wait a little longer until a new fix comes out, 1 week tops

    • Casanovoa

      The optimum app looks for Cydia in applications. In iFile(free version) on device I changed the name /Applications/Cydia.app to /Application/bydia.app. This tricks the optimum app to think it’s not there while still allowing Cydia to function as usual.

      • Steve

        In your example, the original path said “applications” and your suggested path says “application”…..is that correct ? And how does cydia still function after you change the folder to “bydia”…..quite honestly that doesn’t make any sense. Has anyone else tried this ?

  • Ipadninja

    I tried it it breaks some apps randomly it seems had to change back to Cydia.app remove and reapply theme winter board to get apps working again

    • Casanovoa

      That was my error. You r right applications is right path. Will be more careful next time about that. Of course if you used it with that wrong path all Apps in that folder will malfunctions(which is most third party Apps). The point was to change App name for Cydia. You can name it whatever. The important part is the .app, that’s means it’s an execution file. The iPhone goes to that folder and loads all the apps in there to the springboard. The icon on the springboard is the actual execution instead of a shortcut like the ones you have on a desktop computer. So it doesnt matter the name of App. Try it with right path. It works.

      • Steve

        Another site had same fix….. Change cydia folder to whatever name you want…..load opt app…….then go back in and name folder once again to cydia. Now cydia and opt app work…..that is until you have to reload the optimum app and then you have to do this all over again……

  • Casanovoa

    Funny. They both work on my phone at same time. I have iPhone 4 with 4.3.1.

    • Steve

      Yes, they are both runnng on mine right now. And optimum will run until you close it…..exiting an app doesnt close it….it still runs in the background. By renamng the cydia folder, and leaving as such, yes you can close and then reopen. But now since the Cydia folder is renamed, certain cydia apps that access that folder will not work…..pkg back up is one of them.
      Still this option is better than nothing

  • Jack

    Work perfectly

  • Ianlo

    Thanks guys
    Works fine

  • Ianlo

    Thanks guys
    Works fine now

  • Serves ’em right for hacking. I hope all apps will begin this procedure. Maybe then all of this unjust hacking can be put to a stop.