Dear Samsung, If you’re going to claim in court that Apple is copying your devices, then maybe you should think twice before creating a product that looks extremely similar to something Apple already made before, such as a phone charger.

Samsung, as you can see in the picture above, the USB AC charger you provide with the Galaxy S II closely resembles Apple’s. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for your logo and the different color, we could think they’re both the same…

We know you’re trying your best to be the #1 phone manufacturer, but finding too much inspiration from Apple products just doesn’t do you any good.


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  • kadz


  • ganny

    Just hate Samsung for this

  • samsung sucks!!!!

  • f@rh@n

    This is the year of copy cats
    Words from ipad 2 keynote.

  • Brake

    That’s embarrassing.

  • That isn’t Samsung copying Apple, the similarity is because both Apple and Samsung are basically selling the same thing. Apple didn’t invent that style, they just bought the hardware from an OEM supplier then boxed it up that way. Apple’s original chargers were in an entirely different style.

    Virtually all accessory hardware is made by just a few manufacturers, then repackaged and rebranded for different companies. So internally, those two charger are very likely the exact same hardware, probably made at the same facility. The boxing and branding is added after the fact by whoever buys the hardware.

    • I agree on the fact that both these chargers are probably the same inside. I also agree they might very well be made by the same manufacturer.

      But Apple and Samsung both have a choice when it comes to the general shape of the charger. I highly doubt Apple would tell the manufacturer “yeah go ahead, give us you cookie cutter charger, we don’t care what it looks like as long as it’s white”. Something tells me someone in Cupertino spent hours on the design of this charger, and some strict guidelines and blueprints were given to the manufacturer to make this product exactly the way Apple wants it.

      Likewise, I am sure Samsung has a strong say on what its chargers look like.

      • Jeff

        That is incorrect. Apple does not design nor manufacture their chargers. They buy them from an OEM company which has an inventory of pre-designed chargers. I have even seen BlackBerrys from 4 years ago that use this EXACT same charger. If you think that Apple specifically designed this charger for themselves you are wrong.

      • Grab your iPhone charger and look for the first thing written on it, in small fonts, at the top: “Designed by Apple”.

      • Ahmed

        I am an Apple fan who owns an iPhone and loves it but I think, Sebastien, this is a bit too much. I mean, I am not saying that Samsung did not copy Apple’s charger design…they might have I don’t know…..but what I know is if it were a copy, Apple won’t sit quiet and you would know that better than me. Apple will make sure that world knows Samsung copied their product design if it were a copy, I am damn well sure of that, because Apple loves to tell the world that they are better than others.

        I know this is an Apple blog, and anyone who says anything against Apple will be told to get out but, does being an Apple blog mean that you tell the world Apple is what it is not?

        And as far as copying is concerned, Apple iPhone did not attain the success that it enjoys today without copying…so many jailbreak applications are copied into iOS….and I am sure you know that.

        Credit and discredit to the due amount.

    • Neglefarot

      No its not…it is a copy…but probably you have a galaxy in your hands and dont want to feel dirty about it…

      thousands of chargers are made in china everyday…and if you think that charger is a factory designed and not a brand designed….you do have a galaxy in your hands and you started to feel dirty already…

      Not an apple boy just have a big pair of eyes to see…

      that charger design is from iphone 3g….years before.

      • I don’t have a Galaxy S2. Yet. I will be getting one, because frankly the iPhone has jumped the shark. IMO, of course.

      • Also, I have an iPhone 3GS, and the charger that came with it was NOT that tiny one that you see above. I have the original charger, and it’s nothing like that at all.

    • apple if one of the any companny that have a design division… so… “designed by apple” means something.

  • Farhan

    This is the year of copy cats 
    Words from ipad 2 keynote.

  • Otto nailed it on the head. This is in no way Apples design. It is the design of the OEM. Samsung didnt copy anything.

  • sean

    Ppl are really havr a excuse for every mimic of apple products. next samsung is going to copy apple’s logo and ppl going to say ,apple isnt the first to invent the bitten apples,lmfao. im just saying its obvious this is a attempt of a child who wanna be likedaddy when they grow up

  • Craig

    Who gives a fuck, seriously, this blog has fast become full of posts with a “fanboy” slant on them or nothing but rumours, just take a look at TiPb and you’ll see the difference between unbiased posts and posts made by people who kiss Apple’s arse at every oportunity .. As for Samsung copying, like Apple don’t do that, almost every feature that’s been adopted in iOS 5 has been stolen whether it be from Jailbreak Devs or from Android.

    What happened to unbiased posts and unbiased discussion, too many people on here just reort to insulting individuals based on their comments, whether it be for or against Apple .. I own an iPhone 4 btw and love the device aesthetically but i’m not naive enough to just big up Apple and slag off every1 else, they all have good and bad points.

    • Diego

      Lulz I totes agree

    • David

      Exactly the same as what I thought when I seen this post, three paragraphs that sound like a 13 year old Apple groupie.

    • colin

      so true… it’s become exactly like those commercial channel news that run stupid, useless stories instead of real-world issues.

  • AppleBits

    The Apple one looks smooth, sleek, solid, and no cheap edges.
    The Samsung one looks like a tiny piece of Tupperware…nice little snap-on lid… except Tupperware last forever. 😉

    Even the generic charges you can buy in the malls or phone retailers are NOT the Apple design. So although I’m certainly no expert on all this stuff, it would seem reasonable Samsung could have gone and found a nice, generic style UNLIKE Apple’s, and branded it with their shiz.

  • farook

    i know this is a website run for apple products by apple fans but its not fair on ur path to say that samsung copied apple charger design. i see this design on each n every chinese phone chargers n i saw this design even b4 apple had thought about an iphone. even the first ipad is a copy of chinese portable players… apple simply copies chinese products n give them a polished look n sell them. so dont blame samsung on any thing.. if chinese manifacturers start to sue apple for copying their products then apple have to close their doors n bite the dust. chinese manufacturers dont do that because they dont know what is a patent n they dont patent their products..

    • AppleBits

      Are you serious?

  • Primo Sindone

    The Galaxy S2 destroys the iPhone 4. iPhone 5 better be superior! I love Apple and DO want to see them release the best stuff in the market.

  • hxclos

    I bet that “S” stands for Speed. Where have I heard that before??

    • Alex

      The S can mean anything from super to sacrilegious. Don’t jump to conclusions.

  • Chris

    Yea this is obvious and whoever in here is denying it is DUMB. The only company I’ve seen with that type of charger is Apple. Nobody else had it. Well except for now.I know it’s inevitable though because Apple lays the foundation for smart phones so of course people are going to copy them.

    • Jeff

      You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Like others have already said, Apple doesn’t design their chargers. They buy them from OEM and then brand them. Ever gone to a store and seen two usb jump drives that look exactly the same but are made by two different companies? Same exact principal. The companies buy the hardware and then brand them with their logos. They do not design them themselves. Moron.

  • Wow all I see is a white box and a black box both with USB ports on them I wouldn’t say one copied the other they are just boxes with USB ports hell I might make an orange one with a picture of an orange on it
    After the box with a USB port isn’t copyright protected after all boxes with one port would be subject to legal action if that was the case
    Am I just rambling here or dose anyone think I have a point as I’ve lost it by the time I finished typing box at the beginning of my ramble

    Ohh yeh who gives a rats ass it’s a USB charger FFS I expect they will all look like this in a few months

  • Richard

    Except that Apple has the following statement on theirs “Designed by Apple in California”

    • sean


    • colin

      ffs, this is why propoganda worked, because people simply believed anything they were told…

  • sean

    First it wad design, then app icons, now charger. Individualy it might seem like nothing, but if u add all this shit up, its a obviouse ripoff. samsung seems like the biggest fanboys

  • I love how people compare a 1 year old device to a brand new device. I wonder if that is the case then let’s compare blu-rays to VHS.

    • revvxz

      Lol +1

  • Salty

    Samsung, stick to tv’s and apple to everything else…….. Job Done

  • Lucas

    Blackberry has also this charger

  • babe

    i think the apple has word “designed by apple”, because they want it more luxury than “made in china”. Just nokia did, made by nokia, for camouflaging country origin.

    Btw, i think my boss galaxy 7 samsung has the same look like as your pic.
    yes, i think both same third party product.

    • They are not camouflaging anything. It always says the device is made in China. It’s the law to say where it’s made.

  • Jeff_sucks_cok


  • fdxgncgfn

    How old is this? Like ten years? A lot of Android phone have that charger

  • Laga Mahesa

    Actually I don’t think that’s an official Apple charger. I have one and the fineprint claims apple Japan and has typos. I’ve never seen one sold at an apple authorized retailer, just mom and pop cellphone stores and tech markets.

    Also, the current is screwed, resulting in a freaked out touchpanel when charging – something I get with alot of cheap chargers.

  • Mattia

    Samsung is copying apple just because apple is the number one smartphone manufacturer and they want to be as well but they never will. APPLE IS THE BEST!!!!

  • Abuthen

    Here’s something to think about.
    The Apple charger looks completely different in Australia.
    And completely different in Singapore.
    Check the apple online store (keep switching countries to see) if you don’t believe me.

    And I’m not talking about just the different pins for different countries.

    Do you think Apple would “design” one for each country?

    • No they don’t design one for each country. They design one per region. See, all the electric plugs are the same in France, Italy, Spain, etc so they make one for this region. They also make one for UK, Australia, etc.

      • Abuthen

        exactly my point. If Apple designed them, whether its for region or country (mainly countries that use the same pin system), the design should be similar, with only differences in the pins.

  • Neglefarot

    @Otto….thats the best you can do try them all…at the end you will be an authority whit a position to say….yes i know some chargers appear different times in different places…but in matter of time, this one appeared in 3g model…my first 3g doesnt got this one neither…but my second one had this charger….

    My business let my try all different smartphones…and i dont like android…is my opinion and taste not a rule for the world….i started the smartphone vice…since HPs and Treos…and even some japanese stuff too…at the end is what you like…this charger looks cool and fits everywhere.

  • Samsung copying another company. Do you really expect anything else from ugly, rice eating slopeheads.

  • M.

    My friend just got the galaxy tab and I noticed that the USB cable is pretty much the same. Just black.