The first jailbreak convention was successfully held last week in the UK – check our coverage for more. Previously known as MyGreatFest, the event got a name change and now goes by the name JailbreakCon.

With speakers such as Saurik and P0sixNinja, the first JailbreakCon gathered the brains of the jailbreak community under the same roof, where a some interesting news was broken.

Strong off JailbreakCon’s success in the UK, the organizers plan to bring the event to the US next year. And they need your help to determine where JailbreakCon will be held

The JailbreakCon Team is currently having a poll to decide what city the event will be held in. You have 4 options: New York, Los Angeles, Texas, and Oklahoma (I know, those last 2 aren’t cities, they are states).

If you have any interest in attending, please take this poll. If you don’t care about the event, you can always help me make sure the event happens in Los Angeles. 😉

Aren’t you excited JailbreakCon is coming to the US? We’ll want to meet all of you there!

  • kokhean

    I’m not so excited. I’m from Asia.

    • Cameron Carlyon

      +1 I’m in the UK 😀

  • Burge

    You pay for my air fare and I’ll vote LA …lol…

  • John

    I would do it in cupertino… ;))

    • Isaac

      that would be great haha

      • Mezz

        Across the street from apple.

  • mmtk99


  • Axl

    No way guys HONOLULU Hawaii no place better in the world. It’s right in the middle of both the US & Asia BAM………..

  • techno709

    hahahaaha i no a very good place where to hold it next time…

    right next to the apple headquarters hahahahahahaa XD XD XD

  • Vince

    Only one good place. VEGAS BABY VEGAS
    But Pittsburgh PA is giving good deals due to a slow economy

  • Juan

    Los Angeles. Because it’s LA.. no other reason needed. =)

  • Ethan

    Los Angeles+1

  • Mezz

    They should have in my backyard …

    • CHI-CITY




  • OrangeSn0w