DigiTech is reporting today that iPhone 5 touch panel supplier Wintek might be encountering issues with the production of the panels, affecting initial shipment targets scheduled for October.

When asked about the issue, Wintek replied that all of its products are being “delivered on schedule.”

“The defect, “delayed bubble”, is difficult to avoid during panel production, particularly when the defect is not detected during the process of laminating touch panels, and only later found during assembly, the sources said. Since the manufacturing process of touch panels used in iPhone 5 is of the same as that for iPhone 4, Wintek is expected to remedy the defect quickly, the sources indicated.”

DigiTimes noted that Wintek accounts for about 25% of the total production of touch panels used in the iPhone 5, while TPK Holding accounts for about 65%, and Chimei Innolux for the remainder.

Could it be the reason why we haven’t seen an iPhone 5 announcement yet?

  • Jbravo

    I would stay with i4, no “delayed bubble”…

  • Scaredy Shroom

    If we dont get an iPhone 5 in october, I’m sure it’s really going to hurt sales on apples part. People have been waiting and waiting and waiting, and Apples sand is about to
    Fall to the bottom of the hour glass

    • Scaredy Shroom

      I doubt it will be “substandard.” I’m sure Apple has pretty good QC checks on these companies. I mean come on, HTC phones don’t have samsung screens and they’re great. Hell even Motorola has great qHD displays. It just depends on the QC and how much they invest into it.