With the dozens of iPhone 5 rumors that get pumped out every week, it can be easy to get lost in the mess of contradicting reports and claims from different sources.

Sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and see what all of the rumors are collectively saying about Apple’s next smartphone. A new infographic aims to paint you a picture of what the iPhone 5 will be like…

MacTrast passes on this gem from TechnoBuffalo.

While this infographic doesn’t address all of the rumors, it does a good job of putting the most credible, logical reports into one place. Hopefully you now have a better picture of what the iPhone 5 rumors are saying.

What are you looking forward to most from the iPhone 5? Do you expect any big surprises at Apple’s next announcement?

  • cgraham

    Why would you post this as news when it was clearly made before WWDC when iOS 5 was announced? That’s means it’s at least three months old.

    • Jasper

      The hardware things hasn’t been confirmed, nor the excact release date.

  • This is from may ans u just found out about it now?

    • Tim Cook

      It’s pretty typical for this site. They tend to just aggregate stories from other websites, often times days after the fact. Add in every possible rumor regarding the iPhone 5, regardless of plausibility or source, a dash of ‘unconfirmed reports from an unnamed employee at apple’ (read: crap they made up for the sake of page counts) and a flurry of grammatical mistakes. Bake it recipe in oven preheated to 350 degrees for three hours, and what do we get? The newly crafted iDownloadBlog. I still read this site daily, but you guys need to stop thinking of yourselves as journalists and go back to what you know: tips and inside knowledge of the jailbreaking community, reviews of new tweaks and mods from cydia, and the occasional app review. You’re not TiPB or TUAW and the rest of the tech community will never view you as such.

      Rant over, sorry if I rained on iDB’s parade, but this has been bugging me for months and I hit a breaking point and needed to vent my frustration. Keep up the good work otherwise, I’ll just need to keep sifting through the filler articles for the real gems.

  • Soto

    God damn this was pretty hard to read of an iPhone screen.
    3-Click Home for Zoom FTW!

    • eastsiderozay


  • MrA

    Whoa?!?!? There’s going to be a new iPhone?!?

    • Dimz


  • Joe

    I’m looking forward to iPad performance in my new iPhone. The A4 in my cutrent iPhone is no slouch, but the A5 is a monster… I’ve seen nothing out there that comes remotely close.