An interesting little tidbit this Sunday morning, and as is so often the case recently, it’s more iPhone 5 news. This particular story comes courtesy of one of the UK’s largest carriers, Vodafone.

A product listing on Vodafone UK’s website appears to have dropped the bombshell that the iPhone 5 will come in 16GB and 32GB flavors only, meaning no 64GB storage bump this time around…

The product in question is Vodafone’s Sure Signal unit, which is built to extend Vodafone’s coverage in more signal areas. The product’s web page has a list of compatible products, and there you would have found listings for the iPhone 5 in 16GB and 32GB models, and in black and white. We say would, because if you hit the page now, all mention of the iPhone 5 has been removed. A smoking gun, perhaps?

Also worth noting is the inclusion of both colors, meaning none of the crazy delays just for a spot of white paint this time around.

None of this really means anything of course, with Apple expected to hold an announcement event sooner rather than later, and an early-October release date very much looking on the cards.

Just a couple more weeks of rumors, hopefully!


  • kadz

    Hey .. Any1 got an idea of the price ranges ? .. i need to budget lmao

    • 199$ – 16 GB & 299$ 32 GB ….. this will be the subsidized cost with a new 2 year contract ….. same as ALWAYS!!!!

      • kadz

        without being on a plan hommie ….

  • DebTym

    so no two iPhones will be release?

    • Burge

      There will be 2.. the iPhone 5 and the new 8gig iPhone 4 ..the 8 gig i4 is the strip down iPhone that keeps getting mentioned..and it’s this phone that apple will hope will keep control over the cheaper android phones …they did this with the 3GS and they do it will the i5

      • DebTym

        i’m hoping for two NEW iPhones.

  • Eric

    It’s bullshit, Check check yourself. Only iPhone 4 is mentioned in the list

    • Dylan

      Ok smartass. Read the entire story

  • Eric

    It’s bullshit, Check check yourself. Only iPhone 4 is mentioned in the list

    • Ritz

      Maybe you missed the line “all mention of the iPhone 5 has been removed.”
      Try reading the article first before commenting…

  • Connor

    This really sucks if it’s true. That means I will have to use my iPod touch for some stuff still.

  • kadz

    HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST OFF A 2 YEAR PLAN ?? .. like $800 ??

    • Dave

      In case you didn’t notice, this states UK release, meaning if provided it would be in £, not $. Secondly, nobody knows. Have patience and stop writing in capitals.

  • what price it will be?