In the build-up to Apple announcing its MobileMe replacement, iCloud, the Cupertino firm apparently considered a move for the acquisition of syncing-in-the-cloud king Dropbox, according to reports.

Apple was so impressed with Dropbox, and its expected $100 million/year income, that they decided to offer $800 million in order to buy the company. The claim comes from Business Insider, and the report is quick to point out that the rumor is unconfirmed, but it is interesting to consider, nonetheless…

Dropbox has since raised a massive $4 billion valuation, and Apple has announced its own cloud and syncing service, iCloud. Was Apple planning on taking the Dropbox technology and talent under its wing in order to help iCloud bring document and file syncing to its iDevices?

We’ll probably never know what was really going on in the minds of the Apple hierarchy, but many pundits, including more than a couple of us here at iDB, thought that Apple should have just bitten the bullet and bought Dropbox.

What do you think? Should Apple have bought Dropbox? Or will iCloud end up becoming the king of cloud sync?

  • Omar

    dropbox will always be the king only cause you don’t have to have a idevice to use it

  • Bill

    no that would have been horrible if Apple bought dropbox because I like to use it on my Android devices as well as my IOS devices.

    • Jmarsh5

      Just because you use it on your Android doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be good for Apple. Apple would catepault Dropbox further into success. A lot of people don’t know about Dropbox, but everyone knows about Apple, woulda been a great move.

  • Goofygreek

    If icloud turns out to be really good, I think dropbox is gonna start loosing a lot of money.

  • Dane

    I noticed with Dropbox they never use the term cloud even though they are the biggest cloud company out there

  • I love dropbox use it everyday. I’m not to sure what to think if apple purchased it….apple seems to polish products however dropbox is pretty damn polished.

  • Josh

    Fake and gay.

  • Shaz

    couple things that dropbox needs to work into their app..
    1. the ability to upload larger files… aka. videos that exceed the 300mb.
    2. the ability to save videos from dropbox to your device!! like common shelly!
    3. ability to save documents into photo app? ( ps. will apple have a document app in their next ios?) this is major man!

  • Kjeldor

    Off topic: what is that tweak/app in cydia that you can use to track one’s iphone? It was talked about here in iDB before.. You install it in the iphone that you want to track.. I forgot the name. Not Find my iPhone

  • JC

    It would be bad for dropbox customers.
    It is also the most profitable cloud system right now… so many people know what it is. Knowing that apple existes simply makes it known… not profitable.
    Dropbox could improve certain aspects but many people forget that most of us use it very frequently and completly free. Apple unfortunately does nothing for free 😉