If you’ve perused the App Store on the iPad, chances are you’ve come across Flipboard. When the app first came out, it’s innovate approach to content and RSS received high praise. Now, many content consumption apps borrow the Flipboard mentality of presenting web content in a visually intriguing, magazine-like design.

Flipboard can only be used to read web sites as a glorified RSS reader. The team behind Flipboard has bigger plans for their app, including the addition of TV shows, movies, and a new iPhone app…

Reuters reports:

“Internet video is getting even more crowded. Flipboard, the social media magazine whose investors include actor Ashton Kutcher, plans to add television shows and films to move it beyond the online articles that it offers now.

The Palo Alto, California-based company hopes to cut deals with studios to carry movies and episodes of TV shows, getting into territory staked out by Netflix, Hulu and Facebook.

Flipboard is available only on the Apple iPad, but McCue expects to launch an iPhone version in a few weeks that will also work on the iPod Touch.”

Flipboard is a crowning achievement of app design and efficiency on the iPad. The app delivers a much more enjoyable method of consuming web content, and many prefer Flipboard for causally looking through their news and favorite web sites. The app also features great social network integration, and the team at Flipboard sees the importance of sharing content on their platform.

The addition of movies and TV shows to Flipboard is a very interesting proposition, with rumors that Apple will introduce its own subscription service very soon. There’s plenty of room for competition. The idea of flipping through new TV episodes and movies is very enticing, and if anyone can make the process a user friendly experience, it’s Flipboard.

The iPhone app is sure to be a success as well, and hopefully we’ll see it go live in the App Store soon. For now, you can download the iPad app for free.

Are you excited about Flipboard adding TV shows and movies? Or do you think Apple has a better shot at getting it right?


  • Craig

    So it gives me all the shit my friends are looking at, so what about that means i’m interested in the same things they are ?? .. I read and look at stuff based on what I like, not what other people like.

    A load of rubbish imo.

    • uranidyot

      Says nothing about “giving you all the shit your friends are looking at”. It’s customizable to show content your interested in. It’s probably the best done app on the iPad. “Rubbish” is offering an opinion based no experience and the inability to read.

      • Craig

        I’ve tried it you idiot and it’s rubbish, can you not read at all, I said it was my opinion and the main part of the video goes on about getting news and clips based on what your friends are reading so to any1 who hasn’t tried it, that is misleading.

        Why do people like you always chip in with comments, your opinion in no more valid than any1 elses so stfu and jog on, watch the video you douche and you’ll see what it implies.

      • Jamie

        Learn when to use “Your” and “You’re” .. No reason to call others idiots, as in your name, when you can’t even use the English language correctly.

    • Tbdm

      And your opinion doesn’t matter either.