At iDB we regularly review new Cydia tweaks for jailbroken iDevices. Jeff does a great job of putting together video reviews of cool tweaks, and we love finding the latest packages in Cydia to show you guys.

That being said, we stumbled across a nice video walkthrough of 30 awesome Cydia tweaks. It’s worth checking out. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something new…

Youtube user  put this nice video together.

Here’s his list:

  • Tab+
  • Multiconmover
  • Infiniboard
  • Infinidock
  • SBSettings
  • Alphacon
  • Android Delete
  • Graviboard
  • Grid Lock
  • Animate Battery
  • Winterboard
  • Flipover
  • List Launcher
  • Cy Delete
  • Folder Enhancer
  • Pull to Refresh Safari
  • RetinaPad
  • Barrel
  • Camera Wallpaper
  • icon renamer
  • double tap to open
  • Pagenames
  • iSwipe
  • Stayopened
  • iTypeappleicon
  • retina app icons
  • page pusher
  • Bytafont
  • AndroidLock XT
  • Insomnia

We’ve reviewed pretty much all of these tweaks on iDB, so be sure to search the site if you’re interested in a full review on a certain tweak.

  • apple but greed

    “Good show” one of the few decent cydia tweak video’s you can find on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!

    • apple but greed

      Also i think that (Multiconmover0 is infact Multiiconmover) with two i’s otherwise you will not be able to find it in cydia.

  • Acolz

    Tell me, (not related to this post) how was that effect on iPhone called that it made the screen look rounded like an old CRT screen? Would love that. (I mean that it basically rounded the corners of the screen) Tell me if anyone knows 🙂 thanks

    • apple but greed

      Hi there in cydia its called…….wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (RoundCorner) no joke thats what its really called 🙂 just type it in cydia bigboss repo.

      • Acolz

        Thank you very much 🙂 I love how it looks 😀

  • Mannam

    Hi., Some days ago I’ve lost the silent icon in my iPhone 4… I guess this is about any cydia app…Anyone knows wots the reason why? I mean the little bell that appears in silent mode at the top right on the phone…

    Thanks buddies 😉

    • kokhean

      You probably used LockInfo.

      • Mannan

        And what can I do to solve this? Yes I think it’s a problem with dba-tech common, but i cannot fix it :(. But thanks a lot for this help buddy 🙂

    • kokhean


      If there still isn’t any icon there, your status bar icons may be full, as there is a limit.

      • Mannan

        THANKS a LOT buddy for ur Great HELP!! Greatly apprctd 🙂

  • $andman

    What’s the repo for iTypeappleicon?

  • Justin

    What iOS are you running for the video? Mainly I’d like to install AndroidLockXT , but in the description from modmyi repo says it’s only compatible with iPad iOS 3.2. Thanks.

  • chingiz

    if you have sinfuliphone repo you can get android lock xt for ios 4

  • Jimbo

    Whats the tweak that warns you before an in app wants to open up? Ie allows you to stop say safari from opening via a link in an app.

    • kokhean

      It’s called LinkSafe. It costs $0.99 in the BigBoss repository.

      • Jimbo

        AHHHH Thank-you! been searching for the past day trying to find this!

  • DIno

    Hey. What’s the exact name for the Android Lock Screen tweak? I found something else instead, couldn’t find it. Would appreciate the help. Thanks.

  • Melnek

    Wow. I’d hate to see what the bottom 30 tweaks were. Weak. The only interesting one “doesn’t work so great”

  • JK

    if you do enough tweeks via cydia you can get your iphone to do almost as much as a standard droid.

    • Thor

      Ouch. The truth really hurts.

  • I can’t find iSwipe in the repo any other repos out there?

  • Derp

    “SBS Settings” there is no such thing dumbass.
    It’s called ‘SB’Settings

  • Nice video review… I either already have the tweaks reviewed or don’t need the others, but the quality of the video review is top notch. Thanks Jeff, please keep up the great reviews.

  • Nice

  • Nice.. I love it

  • me gusta el cydia

  • Watt pitvf biutro frigd want

  • Ray

    lost cydia icon, removing an add on, how can I get Cydia back on my phone, pls help, thx

  • Mack

    What is that tweak when we forget iPhone around and we shout iPhone it says am here ???

  • Murilo Sousa

    Very nice