In a leaked memo, US mobile phone carrier Sprint has told its staff and customer representatives that they are not to get drawn into speculation about the possible arrival of the iPhone to the Sprint network.

Recent reports have suggested that Sprint could be joining the iPhone party with the release of the iPhone 5, bringing the number of US carriers stocking the device to three, with the possibility of T-Mobile also adding itself to the iPhone carrier roster…

The memo, discovered by SprintFeed, coaches Sprint’s staff on how to respond when asked about the iPhone, with the company response being, “Yes, I saw a few of those reports, I don’t have any information to share.”

Sprint’s message to its staff makes mention of the Wall Street Journal’s assertion that the iPhone 5 will join Sprint’s network in October, which fits in nicely with an expected release date for the device. Claims of a late-September to early-October timeframe have been rampant for weeks now, and the Journal seems extremely confident that this is indeed the case.

Sprint’s 52 million customers may be some way short of AT&T’s (99 million) and Verizon’s (106 million), but a potential 50+ million customers is not to be sniffed at. And with Apple recently ending AT&T’s exclusivity deal, more carriers coming online is surely an inevitability.

Exactly which iPhone will be available isn’t quite as obvious. Rumors and counter-rumors have been rife for some time now, with a potential iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 duelling it out for credibility.

Many industry pundits are suggesting that the next iPhone will see a complete redesign, while others seem convinced we’re in for a more evolutionary release.

Recent parts leaks suggest the latter, but we’re still quietly hoping that we will see both a 4S and iPhone 5 in the coming months.


  • Dane

    52 million is not a “half billion potential customers”

    • ic0edx

      500,000,000…Thats half a Billion
      250,000,000…Quarter of a Billion

  • sofakingstoked

    I can’t wait to get rid of this Gevey SIM card and get 3G on T-Mobile for my i4. It’s inevitable, but I wish it was much sooner. T-Mobile deserves the iPhone before weak ass Sprint!

    • Francesco

      chill they both suck bro so why cant they get it as the same time as sprint so that ppl dont argue saying t-mobile should get it first

    • ic0edx

      What you think when T-Mobie gets the iPhone 5 they will have the same low rate plans, think again. They will remove the unlimited DATA and be more like ATT. As far as service goes I still person lay think ATT has good coverage he in Los Angeles. Where T-Mobile does not have service ATT does and vice versa.

  • Jason Masters

    Lmao! They should have a duel with the CEOs squaring it off gladiator style to get the iPhone first!

    • ic0edx

      ATT will be the first to get the iPhone 5 or 4S, then Verizon and then everyone else.

    • +1

  • ras

    do anybody really take this iphone 5 propaganda bullshit seriously !

  • Mark

    fake, Sprint wouldn’t write iPhone5, they would write it more properly like iPhone 5 or something.