The highly anticipated jailbreak tweak from Filippo Bigarella, SMS+, is now available in Cydia for $1.99. In case you missed our preview of this tweak, SMS+ enhances your stock Messages app on the iPhone with all sorts of cool features.

While many of the features in SMS+ are also offered in BiteSMS, fans of Apple’s own app will prefer SMS+ because of its integration with the stock Messages app.

Quick compose, text to speech, and a long list of features are included in SMS+. If you want to take your Messages app to a whole other level, head over to Cydia and install SMS+ right now!

Let us know what you think of SMS+ in the comments! Pretty cool, huh?

  • If you have an ipod touch will you get the sms app? My guess is probally no but just woundering

  • BLiNK

    that device in the video looks laggy

  • Durple

    I’ll stil with bite SMS, thanks.

    • Dane

      +1. No point in trying to reinvent the wheel

  • Sugarplum

    looks good, but how would this interact with LockInfo? i.e. when locked, will the popup appear? can you also unread by the ‘x’ in lockinfo..
    thanks and great video, very informative, jeff.

  • Jorge

    It´s ok but HEY, just download mobile notifier and combine it with Notification Grip, you will get the BEST SMS app, actualy the new IOS 5 notification system is just a mere copy of this combination. Hope that helps!

  • Usersean

    How does this play with iOS 5.

  • Shannon

    What is “pull to sort”?

  • Rich

    The only thing i want from this out of ios5 is tap to hide keyboard

    • XepptizZ

      Try the tweakweek tweak, smshidekeyboard

  • Omar

    Dissapointed. Keeps making my phone restart into safe mode. And when quick reply is on, it keeps popping up the window even if my messages are open. Hope these things are fixed soon.

  • Usersean

    So… Does it play nice with iOS 5..?

  • jon

    doesn’t work on my iphone…doesn’t have quick reply and quick compose 🙁

  • Casey

    It doesn’t work on my iPhone 4. Don’t know what it’s conflicting with but not one function works. Even after 3 reinstalls!! Any ideas?

  • duffy

    does not work on my 3gs.

  • Alex is a tool.

    Doesn’t have the “Later” feature, so this is a definite no for me.

  • Jacob Nørgaard

    I’m sticking with biteSMS, but kudos for effort anyway. Always nice to see new apps in Cydia.

  • Ridvan

    Does not work on my i4…

  • Francis

    Doesnt work in my iphone 4 4.3.3. All features dont work. I think theres something wrong with the app/tweak.

  • KiraXD

    put me down on the Does not Work list. iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.1

  • Omar

    $1.99 wasted.

  • Pablo

    It makes conflict with sbrorator4, does not work good with lockinfo… It does not rotate! It does not work on landscape mode

  • Al

    Junk, does not work on my iphone 4!

  • allMac

    To those who are familiar with BiteSMS, how can I set the iPhone4’s built-in as the default app for messages, rather than being directed to the BiteSMS app? If I’m not mistaken, this option was possible back when I installed BiteSMS on my 3GS a couple of years ago.

  • Hi everyone. Sorry for the “not working at all issue” but the server for the license system had a problem the last 2 hours. Now everything is solved, just reinstall/respring and it should be working fine. Anyway, most of the people who reported the problem via email, didn’t purchase the tweak regularly. If you didn’t purchase it and got from a pirate repo, than I cannot help you.

    For those asking, LockInfo integration will be in the next update, many thanks to David Ashman for integrating this.

    • Matt

      Hi, thanks for the tweak I was waiting for it. Purchased it, workes great no problems. The only issues I’m having is when I try to create a new message while in lockscreen (I’m using LockInfo), it allows me to select recipient but when i start typing springboard crashes and takes me into safe mode; while inside the messages app and I receive a text, the notification will pop up; and I have AlertArtist installed but doesn’t work together. Happy with it otherwise, and waiting for an update. Thanks a lot!

    • Matt

      Another thing I forgot: multiple texts at once, any way to put them together? Like a group, or all to show up in one bubble when “reply” is pressed? Thanks

    • prplaya420

      thanks, and also thanks for make some awesome apps,tweaks,themes. keep it up

  • Hi, does SMS+ have support for password protecting messages from certain contacts like Bite SMS does? Since I’m blind, I can’t watch the video, and the SMS+ description doesn’t say if this is available. And in case anyone wonders, yes, a blind person can use an iPhone. It comes with a program called Voice Over located in Settings > General > Accessibility > Voice Over. Thanks.

  • ad

    hey its not working for me, and I have iOS 4.2.8. I have a verizon iPhone, I’ve tried it like 6 six times and it still won’t work.

  • ad

    nevermind i just had to respiring

  • Francis

    I installed sms+ from insanelyi. Sometimes my phone crashes. Then when i uninstalled it, sms+ package from bigboss appeared. Cydia think i bought the app and has an update when i refresh. I think theres still bugs from free repos. Im using ios 4.3.3

  • Thadot

    Using this with LockInfo… when an incoming sms is displayed in my lockinfo screen, the popup also displays at the same time. None of the popup blockers for Lockinfo seem to stop this. Any way around this?

  • tdotcspot

    Using this with LockInfo… when an incoming sms is displayed in my lockinfo screen, the popup also displays at the same time. None of the popup blockers for Lockinfo seem to stop this. Any way around this?

  • alon

    Can’t find the reason why this app does not work on my is enabled in the app settings, and set to lunch when holding the status bar, however, nothing happened..:\

  • ali

    doesn’t work on iphone 4 4.2.1:(

  • alon

    I have iphone 4.3.2

  • WearingTheHatofReason

    would never buy an app by this developer again. Springtomize was a disaster with more bugs than features. Most of which he ignored.

    • Michael

      Your kind of an idiot. This guy has contributed alot of amazing apps for cydia. Cleverpin was the only unique app that uses certain settings to determine if you have to put in the keycode or not. Contribute something to the community and then you can have a say so.

  • HeavyC.

    I don’t like how the quick reply box it shows the message of the person. I don’t want anyone looking at messages in case they wanted to see my phone.

    BTW – No need to buy JB apps because most of them won’t be compatible with iOS 5. You would have to wait for an update.

  • Braulio

    After the first update this tweak works great 🙂 thanks FilippoBiga forthis tweak. I never wanted to get bitesms because I wanted my iPhone to look like apple designed the features that I add from Cydia. This tweak offers what I wanted from bitesms to the stock messaging app. Thanks for the hard for FilippoBiga, keep it up and I hope SMS+ has a nice transition to iOS 5 😀

    • Braulio

      hard work* not hard for
      Sorry bout that people

  • ApplePooch

    Hi! Download was a success. But when i received a text message, iphone screen turns black. What’s your reckon?

  • Vik Mehta

    Still having issues with this (and I paid for it ) – I get a box with a name of someone that sent the text and 4 options but no message preview — It is pretty hard to reply to an sms if I do not know what the sms says !!! options are selected and correct … why do I not get a preview ???

  • Jeff

    Finding a couple issue:

    When phone is being held in landscape and a SMS comes through, the SMS+ functions will freeze and overlay the screen, with the only way to fix the issue is to restart the phone.

    When in a group SMS, any texts that are received via that chat appear blank (i.e. the quick reply is shown with the name of the person who sent the text, but the box will not show any content of the text)

    Any chance these will be fixed at any point? Otherwise, thanks for a great tweak!

  • Noel

    Not sure what changed, but this was working with my jailbroken iPhone 4 on iOS 5 and now it isn’t. No crash or anything, the options just don’t come up when i get a text.

  • Mike

    I love this app. One problem that I am having is with SMS that comes through iMessage. SMS+ works great when I receive a text through regular SMS. but when I receive an iMessage, I get none of the SMS+ features.

  • Chris Carson

    My native SMS popup still comes up first, even though SMS+ is install, its very annoying, any fixes?

  • Assuming you’re using iOS 5.0:

    Click on your Settings app —>Notifications —-> Messages (SMS, not email)

    It gives you three options for notification: none, banner, or pop-up. Select “none”, and you will only see the SMS+ popups from then on.

  • I love this app, the text-to-speech is fantastic for the car, my only disappointment is that at the time of this comment, SMS+ does not integrate with iMessage. I have difficulty having a fluid conversation, as my SMS replies will lag or disjoint from iMessage system, meaning I can open my conversation and not see my text message appear for a minute or two, slowing down the conversation, and then when the person replies (via iMessage if they are an iPhone user) it doesn’t appear as a SMS+ popup.

  • installed but the quick reply popup does not show up. any idea why? i also turned off notification to “none”