He’s known for his products, his opinions, and his commitment to a company called Apple that he helped start in a garage. Steve Jobs is also a man that knows how to work the stage, and he’s unveiled many revolutionary products to the world in his iconic black turtleneck.

Here are some of Steve’s video highlights, ranging from the original iPod announcement to the iPhone 4…

iPod Announcement – 2001

First Apple Store – 2001

iPhone Announcement – 2007

iPad Announcement – 2010

iPhone 4 Announcement

We hope to see Steve on stage this Fall for the iPhone 5!

  • MrA

    I like the MBA announcement, but I guess that’s not really iOS related….yet.

  • I almost cried

  • Whats that square button tjing on the ipad lock screen? Its right after the slide to unlock bar

    • Barack

      photo slideshow

  • ic0edx

    Wow he looks so healthy when he released the iPod.

  • Josh

    I would like to see Steve Jobs’ wardrobe.. That would be NOT interesting.

  • Jim

    Love the red phone hotline to Cupertino!!