If you’ve successfully followed our previous jailbreak tutorial for the Apple TV 2, you’re likely thinking, “now what?”

A jailbroken Apple TV on its own isn’t much to look at. In fact, there’s no way to discern a stock Apple TV from a jailbroken Apple TV with the naked eye.

Fortuantely, the folks at FireCore have created an insanely easy way to tap the power of a jailbroken Apple TV using an application called aTV Flash Black.

aTV Flash Black is an app available for Mac or Windows users, that adds a new ‘Maintenance’ menu to your Apple TV. Think of it as Cydia for the Apple TV. If your Apple TV is jailbroken, and you’re wondering what to do next, check out the following video tutorial that shows you how to install aTV Flash black

Once your Apple TV is jailbroken, installing the software that makes it shine is a cinch. Simply follow the in-depth video tutorial, or the written instructions below.

How to install aTV Flash Black on the Apple TV 2

Step 1: Follow our Seas0nPass Jailbreak Tutorial, hook up your Apple TV and power it on.

Step 2: Enable AirPlay and Homesharing on Your Apple TV

Step 3: On Your Mac or PC download and Install aTV Flash Black ($29.95 one time fee)

Step 4: Run aTV Flash Black and your Apple TV should reboot

Step 5: Verify that you have a new ‘Maintenance’ menu option on your Apple TV

Have you taken the plunge with aTV Flash Black yet? Do you think it’s worth the $29.95 asking fee?

  • Absolutely worth every cents.

    This app is amazing on the AppleTV

    • I agree. As a sports fan, I’m going to get a LOT of use out of ESPN3 on the big screen.

      • Ben

        JEFF – how do you get espn on it? I’ve been using atv flash for a while. Is it a plex add-on?
        Many thanks

  • Scott

    Is espn in hd?

  • iBirdie

    My first experience with aTVFlash was not good last week. After installed PLEX, screen went black. Yet ATV2 responsed to remote.
    They told me to use Seas0nPass to rejailbreak. I got error 3094, 21 & 1600 when restored. Finally succeeded. I guess I had not put in DFU correctly.
    The reason I bought aTVFlash is I want Internet Browser, but now I don’t like it.
    @Ben, try to install Crackle on ur ATV2 first.
    If you don’t see ESPN3, install Hulu.
    I installed them both at the same time.
    Now, I see a long list of server in XBMC video add-on. But Hulu is failed to play and so many more.
    However, I have Veetle, Crackle, Free Cable, Fox news,…
    @Scott, ESPN3 is not good as Movie on Crackle. Yes, full screen.

    • Ben

      Thanks. Will give it a go when work calms down!

  • Jim

    I’m interested in how to to the Amazon Video on Demand (VOD). Is it via the web browser app? Thanks for the info!

  • evelyn wong

    I have gotten all the way through to having “Maintenance” show up as an option and gone to the “Manage Extras” page but when I click on that page, nothing is on that screen except for the heading Manage Extras. Can you please help!

    • I get this exact issue too, the thing is this worked fine a few days back, but since did a restore and re-installed and this!!!

  • the ATV is showing as $39.99 not 19.95
    this is not worth it…

  • ATV Black is showing $29.95 so still expensive.. …still not sure if this is worth it?

  • Why is the price $29.95 for a one time fee and not 19.95? and why are they charging for updates if its a “one time fee”????

  • If you can cut and paste into a terminal there are many easy and “Free” tutorials to install Cydia and lots of other apps like XBMC, and PLEX.

  • Anonymous


  • It actually costs $29.95

  • I jail broke my apple TV with Seas0nPass 4.4.4 as all goes ok no error but and I have FC logo in my TV but still asking for pay for movie , Help please ,…..

  • eddy shin

    where is the next tuttorial?

  • Becky Rich

    I started using PlayerXtreme Media Player to stream videos on my apple TV from my iPhone by using Airplay. The Sound quality is 3times better and 1080p player back works fine. I also have the liberty to download subtitles which is a great feature. I can also play videos from any device through local area network because I can add libraries to my iPhone.