What keeps you up at night? Money problems? Health issues? Your job? The terrible relationship you’re in? We all have something that worries us from time to time.

Now do you ever wonder what would keep the iPhone 5 up at night if it was a person? This cartoon has the answer.

Better go hit up the bars around Cupertino. You never know what you might find.

[Flickr via MacTrast]

  • Omar

    I picked up an EyeFoneFive last night. It was dirty.

  • BLiNK

    i wonder what makes people think the next iPhone will actually be named the ‘iPhone 5’

    there are other possibilities, right?

  • Hamza

    Lol iPhone 5 is in trouble bcz of Apple lawsuit fight with Samsung…

    • Ken


    • Jon Garrett

      iPhone 5 worse nightmare., Samsung Galaxy S III

      • Stark

        why should ip5 worry about s3? shouldn’t it be for the ip6? and besides after google bought motorola how can you be sure samsung would still be the maker of the best android phone?

  • I’d say the iPhone 5’s biggest nightmare is being the first Apple phone to sell LESS than its predecessor.

    • Justin

      That will never happen.

      • iXanczy

        Never say never…

  • goofygreek

    I cant wait for the iphone x (10). 10 bucks says thats exactly what its going to be called. Also, iOSX. lol.

  • ByteNapple

    It most likely will be called iPhone 5 as previous iPhones have been named after their iOS version. The 3G and 3GS initially operated on 3.0 and the iPhone 4 on 4.0. Because iOS 5.0 is now being prepped for launch alongside the next iPhone, it will most likely be called the iPhone 5.

    • CrazyBraulz


    • Big daddy

      Whats with the 2G it came with 1.0 and is now on 3.1.3
      The 3G came on 2.0 and is now on4.2.1 or?
      With the 4 ….maybe
      But the S of 3GS stands for speed
      But i bet on iPhone 5 too ;D

      Sorry that just had to be 😉

      • kokhean

        So, based on your theory 3GS came with 3.0, it will end up with iOS 5 max.
        And for the iPhone 4, it will end up with iOS 6 max and the iPhone 5 will end up with iOS 7?

    • The Only the 4 was named after its iOS Version. iOS 2 came with the iPhone 3G. 2=3G? and iOS 1 with the 2G, and 3GS came with 3.0 but was not called the “iPhone 3”. I think you are confusing the iPhone with the iPod Touch which actually does have its name based on its iOS + 0.1 so iPod Touch 4G ran iOS 4.1 initially.

  • Alhenny

    The headline to that post should be
    DROIDS WORST NIGHTMARE. I bet droid execs are shaking in their boots right about now.

  • Gertgerman

    What are you on about? The 1st iPhone was just called the iPhone for obvious reasons. The second was the iPhone 3G because it supported 3G. Then the 3GS as it had more processor power etc the S being for speed. Then the iPhone 4 as it was the 4th generation iPhone. It has nothing to do with the software versions. The next would logically be the iPhone 5 as it’s the 5th generation iPhone.

  • iPhone 5 biggest nightmare is an iPhone 5 running WebOS.