I know we’ve said this before, but these renderings of what Apple’s upcoming smartphone may look like may truly be some of the best we’ve seen. The iPhone 5 is one of the most anticipated devices in recent years, and artists have made several attempts to predict its design.

But this particular concept wasn’t constructed from pure imagination. No, this design was built using the measurements from the leaked cases that we’ve seen floating around. Given that case leaks have been fairly accurate in the past, could this really be what the next iPhone looks like?

Popular Apple blog, MacRumors, has commissioned the folks over at CiccareseDesign to create these high quality renderings, made as closely as possible to the original leaked case designs. Several versions of the case have surfaced, so accessory-makers seem to believe it’s the real deal.

Even before the leaked cases, rumors of the iPhone 5 sporting a teardrop profile and an elongated home button were tossed about. The larger button is thought to be touch sensitive, so users can deploy gestures to control the on-screen action.


Even with a 4 inch screen, this design comes in shorter and slimmer than the iPhone 4. Although it is a bit wider. It’s dimensions are 4.33″ x 2.36″ x .27″ at the top and .21″ at the bottom. In comparison, the iPhone 4’s dimensions are 4.5″ x 2.31″ x .37″.

According to MacRumor’s Arnold Kim, who’s covered every Apple product launch in the last decade, if the leaked case designs hold true, “the iPhone 5 should be close in appearance to these renderings.” And you know what? I’d be ok with that.

What do you think?

  • I honestly think it’s too large. I don’t want a big ass phone like that. BUT it does look damn sexy!

    • Cameron

      Not that sexy, I mean the home button, it should not have a shape like that, and the volume and lock buttons, I hate using them on my iPod 4G. And the square design from the iPhone 4 is great! I love the 4 inch display and a touch sensitive home button considering that it may be flat on the glass cover instead of an actual button, I also whould like to see a wireless charging in the iPhone 5, but most of the rumors on the device I do not like.

    • Drock

      You’re kidding right?!?!?! If this is any indication of what it’ll look like then it is one damn sexy a$$ phone. The screen size is awesome is perfect! I really do hope this is what apple will produce!

  • HardGr00ve

    I wouldn’t buy that at all.. I may as well carry around my dam iPad!!

  • Skeptical

    Holding a phone as thin as that could result in slipping. There needs to be some thickness to maintain a good grip. I think these leaked cases might have been some prototypes, but apple scrapped these in favour of devices that actually can be held.

    • Chris

      Apple doesn’t hold their phones before putting them on the market. The iPhone 4 proved that…

    • Ja

      Well I would say 99% of people and I know u r one of them. BUYS a CASE. So there that solve your lack of thickness and slipping. Buy a Otter Case u know they coming out with one

  • FrankH

    If this is true, iPhone 5 will be much more efficient in using available area for the screen: The new handset is 0.18 square inches smaller than the iPhone 4, but will feature a much larger screen.

  • anthonyappleguy

    I can’t see Apple making something that… NONsymetrical and ugly..to be perfectly honest.

  • Jay

    Where’s the mute switch?

  • Chris

    I actually like it.

  • coach

    I think that’s sexy as hell. I would buy that for sure!

  • Jeff

    We. Don’t. CARE.

  • Adam

    That is one sexy phone! If this is the iPhone 5 i would certainly buy it without doubt!

  • Alhenny

    I’ll be standing in line no matter what the phone looks like. Everything APPLE!!!

  • Would love a bigger screen on my iPhone

  • Ace

    Looks awesome!

  • T

    The phone looks awesome. Why have a home button though why not just make the screen longer and go with finger jesters. Can you imagine a screen the width and length of the phone, movies, games, safari

  • I love it!! I will buy the new iPhone no matter what it looks like as well, but if it looks like this then I may have to buy two!!

  • Ethan