Even though it seems like the new car smell has kind of worn off, Google+ is still seeing tons of traffic. The company took the social networking space by storm last month, and Google+ still consists of 20 million+ members.

It’s had a native iPhone app for weeks, but for some reason the software has been blocked from installing on both the iPad and iPod touch. Users had to go through several steps to install the application on their tablets, and half the time it didn’t work…

Some of you will be happy to know that an update to the Google+ app has just gone live in the App Store, and Google+ is compatible with the iPad and iPod Touch. Now it’s still not a native tablet app, but at least you can install it.

When the app was originally released  (without iPad support) there was a complicated workaround to push the software to your tablet. The problem though, was that a lot of Windows users were getting a kAMD error during the process, and it wouldn’t work.

But that’s all over with, as you can now install the updated Google+ app on any iDevice you please. Keep in mind that it won’t look pretty though, as most apps don’t in 2x mode. If you’re jailbroken, you can try RetinaPad to combat the rough pixelation.

Have you tried the new Google+ app?


  • axel Macintosh


    • Fojam

      Are we really gonna do that…?

    • Chris

      First bellend yep.

      • Selcuk

        LOL 😀

  • Artkin

    Works much better on iOS 5 now. Also, there’s a new popup warning that the app isn’t 100% ready for iOS 5.

    • Mathieu Reid

      What he said. Works like a charm on iOS5 and there is a pop up to warn the morons that rate apps based on iOS5.

  • axel Macintosh

    remove google+… and install again.. get the new update… done

  • AND it doesn’t crash on iOS5.

  • sriram

    Looks fugly on iPad! Better than nothing definitely, but even I wouldn’t set the bar this low. Text and embedded graphics in your stream are un-readable and this app should be considered iPhone only for now!

  • Toni

    is it still us appstore only?

  • I made it compatible with ipad

    Same method for the Facebook leaked method for ipad I used