Apple opened up iOS 5 Beta 1 to developers earlier this summer, and since then, there have been 3 updates. Given the nature of human curiosity, you can guess that it hasn’t just been developers taking the new firmware for a test drive.

There’s a few ways for non-developers to acquire a copy of iOS 5, but the most popular method of late has been by purchasing a UDID slot from a person or business with an Apple developer account. It looks like those days may soon be over…

AppleInsider passes on a report from that claims that Apple has identified this activity and is taking action. The site states that several developers have confirmed that the they have received an email from the Cupertino company regarding unauthorized UDID sales.

Apparently Apple is closing some of these developer accounts that are identified as selling their extra slots and are flagging associated devices. The site claims that once Apple flags you, your phone is forced back into initial setup mode.

While we can’t verify the information, you’d have to be nuts to think that Apple wasn’t eventually going to figure this out. A Google search for the term reveals thousands of results, with one website even claiming: “Successfully registered over 15,000 iOS devices since 2009.”

It’s doubtful that Apple would just remote-zap unauthorized iDevices running iOS 5. If you’re that nervous about it, you can always downgrade your firmware using our step-by-step downgrade guide. Good luck, and godspeed.

  • James

    Tbh I don’t understand why any 1 would have paid 1 of these shady devs to activate their UDID, doesn’t say much about them in the first place but considering any1 could download the beta and activate it by several means paying would have been utterly stupid to achieve the same result.

    Personally I have never been bothered about a beta, they are way too buggy and i’m happy waiting for the official release although I do wish that would hurry up lol

  • Ryan

    ill be honest and say i’m one of the “utterly stupid” people that got on the beta, however i didnt pay a red dime for it, just have a friend with a dev account.

    Personally love the new features in the OS.
    I doubt i will be affected by this but to anyone that bought one for the $8 or whatever thats pretty funny.
    I too figured this would happen.

    “Wahhh I’m apple, dont touch my stuff” get over it already, we are consumers, not your kids.

    • James

      Nah you’re not stupid, imo, paying for it is what was stupid purely because you could get it for free and it wasn’t any different but I think my main issue with betas is that why pay some1 to try a buggy beta when the official release is free, I wasn’t that desperate to try it but each to there own, I am however looking forward to the final release after seeing the features over the last couple of months .. I’m also hoping for the notification centre widgets to be more of a feature than just the official stocks n weather.

      • MALdito

        Just wait and you’ll see, I’m sure that a jailbreak tweak will come out for the notification center widgets to be as you said (I hope so too). There are a lot of jailbreak developers out there so I’m looking forward to see what they’ll come up with.

      • James

        I hope so, the sbsettings type widget and facebook and even music controls all look good and I would like to see them in notification centre, fingers crossed that Apple allow 3rd party widgets aswell as us relying on jailbroken 1’s.

  • Josh

    i paid $5 from a YouTube partner for mine.

  • anthonyappleguy

    Honestly I’d rather have paid the $6 I paid, then to have a $100/year developer account, so I don’t feel that stiffed. The Beta on the other hand is pretty cool to toy around with so I think it was worth it. It’s not OVERLY buggy, and it’s easy to live with.

  • iPwn

    I am a ex-android user and the betas are more stable than android releases so I am happy to be using them. Let’s just say these bugs are easy to deal with / work around.

  • Vincent

    All I can say is Apple, please just leave us be. I don’t have $100 to spend on a Dev Account (actually I have the money, but can’t justify that much for 3 just months of beta testing each year). If you would rather offer users access to betas for a reasonable fee I will gladly pay you, but until then I’ll stick with UDID activation.

  • Justin bin Laden

    Another way to do this is to open the rootFS folder of the ipsw and change the remove the beta line.

  • MALdito

    MAN! Apple shouldn’t be so bitchy. If it wasn’t for this, some jailbreakers wouldn’t be able to get their hands on the latest iOS version and create great tweaks. All for the sake of making our apple devices that much more fun and easier to use. And now just look at all the great ideas they got from jailbreak tweaks that are now going to be a part iOS 5. They should really lighten the f*ck up!

    • Soto


  • Kevay

    MALdito – Agree!

  • Cameron

    -Steve “Hey I’m Steve Jobs! Hey you, get off my iPhone!”

    -Apple Fan “YOUR iPhone?”

    -Steve “Did I say that, Opps”

    -Apple Fan “Yea you did”

    -Steve “Well every iPhone is mine! Everything! IS! MINE!”

  • Kurt

    this isn’t true…people are reporting it because BETA 1 finally expired! It expired on Aug 4th, or was it 5th? I forget.

    By the way, I paid 3 dollars on ebay.

    Please update story. Check for more info.

  • Morgan

    Apple should make a “Public” so non-developers will have something to play with while the actual OS is being developed. After all people own their phone and therefore have the right to anything Apple or anybody makes that will run on that phone.