We know, iPhone 5 rumors have gotten way out of hand. It seems like we are hearing 2 or 3 a day now. Aside from being annoying, the increased chatter is also a sign that we are getting close to an Apple announcement.

In fact, we are seeing a few indications that the iPhone 5 is nearing launch time. Multiple purported cases for the device have been surfacing, and now there are several reports claiming that previous models of the iPhone are being discounted and maybe even discontinued…

9to5Mac is reporting that they have heard from multiple, independent sources that their stock of iPhone 3GS units are dwindling with little to no replenishment in the coming weeks. They’ve confirmed this to be the case with several major carriers, including Orange UK.

While it’s typical for Apple to tighten supplies before refreshing or discontinuing a product, it’s hard to guess the fate of the long-time running 3GS. There have been some reports that Apple will continue to produce the 3GS as a low-end smartphone entry.

There have also been several rumors that major U.S. retail chains like Target and RadioShack would be shaving $30 bucks off of their iPhone 4’s this week. Of course, Walmart beat both retailers to the punch when they dropped their price on the gadget earlier this Summer to $147.

Anyone with an eligible upgrade may want to hold off for another month, as the evidence is mounting of an impending iPhone 5 announcement. However, it sounds like if you were planning on getting in on the sweet $49 3GS deal, you may want to act fast.


  • Kam

    seriously too many of rumors now
    But noone has rumored about if we will see qualcomm technology in this version of iphone???
    Pls make it next one @irumorblog.com 😀 jkidding 🙂

  • MrA

    And macrumors is reporting that it will ship in October not September. I just want them to release it ASAP!!

    • Jon Garrett

      you do know that if they release it in October, there probably wont be another one in summer 2012 which makes Fall the new timeline.

      If they do release one in summer then your 8 month old phone will fall behind the curb by April.

      of course, by the time you figure this all out. you’ll be 6 months into a new 2yr contract with a carrier that has shitty rate plans and no 4G for your iPhone or another carrier that uses old technology and cant do talk and data at the same time and you still wont have 4G for your iPhone.

      at the same time the iPhone 5 (aka iPhone 4G) drops, Android phones will be shipping with Quad core processors as well as several other hardware features that will NOT be found on ANY iPhone model EVER.

      a slight increase in speed and a higher resolution camera is NOT enough for me to renew my contracts for the iPhones on my account. Im sure iOS 5 will work just fine on my i4.

      • I Don’t Think So

        I’m buying a factory unlocked iPhone 5 on launch, and I wont be locked into a contract and can take my business to any carrier I want. One thing iPhones have over Android phones is resale value. If a newer, better iphone comes out 6 months or 12 months down the road, I’ll sell the old one on ebay and buy the new. Android phones resale value drops like a lead balloon within 6 months. Also, when each iPhone has come out it has been a market leader in specs (4G network aside), and it just works better than the available Android phones. Sure a new Android phone with better specs will come out eventually, but that is just the nature of technology. If you’re chasing specs, stick with Android. If you want the best user experience, go with iPhone.

    • Jon Garrett

      “when each iPhone has come out it has been a market leader in specs (4G network aside)”

      that’s not true and I’m surprised to hear yous say such a thing.

      i4 = 5mp camera Android = 8mp
      i4 = NO expansion Android = USB, HDMI & mini SD
      i4 = single core Android = dual core
      i4 = 512mb ram Android = 1gig ram
      i4 = retina display Android = super AMOLED plus

      I fail to see where in apple is a market leader in specs. in fact, Android’s massive popularity, unbelievable rate of growth and wide array of phone styles is the reason why there was no iPhone 5 this summer–because any iPhone released this summer would have come up woefully short against current top tier Android phones. In fact, by the time the i5 drops, Android phones will be shipping or have a ship date for quad core phones with true 1080p displays.

      its nice that the iPhone has high resale value, we look forward to selling ours when our contracts expire next year.

      • MrA

        Yah true.

        Too bad Software > Specs
        And in that arena iOS > Android

      • David

        Yeah true but my screen is much more clear and so my 5mp camera looks great and your super amoled screen has less resolution

  • T-Mizzle

    Holding off on the upgrade!!!

  • Derek

    Walmart in my area has 3GS for only $19.99!

  • xxx

    What about the iPod touch 3g?

    • Cameron

      lol yea they say this blog is now all things iOS but on their logo it just says iPad and iPhone! No iPod or TV!