Apple Stores are pretty famous for being cool with just about anything. From dancing in the store,  to even bringing your own pet, Apple usually allows you to do just about anything you want.

Comedian Mark Malkoff decided to put Apple to the test and see if there was a limit to what the Apple Store will allow you to do. In this short video, Mark gets a pizza delivered, has a romantic dinner, gets his iPhone fixed while dressed as Darth Vader, and finally, brings a goat in the store…

I remember meeting Mark Malkoff about a year ago in Las Vegas. He showed me the exact same iPhone he’s trying to have fixed in this video. I guess he doesn’t care too much for a broken screen.

At any rates, it’s hilarious to see what Apple will let you do inside their stores.

More from Mark Malkoff on his website.

[Thanks @whtlime for the tip]

  • He just isn’t funny…

  • anon1man

    You can do whatever you want in the Apple Stores, but you CAN’T move a chair to a certain tables.

  • 877

    Try laying a turd on the floor. Then you will know the limit.

  • Chris


  • undisclosed


  • Anon

    You can’t buy an iPhone though (unless you have a Sim with you to put in it).

  • Dane

    A few years ago I was on one the macs, went into iTunes and was sampling songs real loud and one of the kids came running over and got real mad and turned down the speakers. So I’m going to say this is fake

  • Of course it’s fake, don’t you think they’d recognize the same loon guy coming over with weird stuff to do? Yeah…

    It’s probably a PR move. “Oh, look how nice Apple is!”

    • Shannon

      He went to all different Apple stores…

  • Manuel

    They don’t let you bring jailbroken iPhones to the store to be repaired

    • dabe

      I brought my jailbroken iPhone in to an apple store to see if they could get rid of some dust under the screen. They could’ve cared less it was jailbroken, but said I’d have to replace the screen to fix it for 100 bucks! Needless to say I’ve still got the dust under my screen lol. I hope the seal the screens better in the 5

  • MrA

    My sleep/lock button on my iPhone 4 quit working (lost all of it’s clickyness) and I went to the Apple Store today and they switched it for a new one. Apple Rocks!

  • Alex

    This should be a series on YouTube. Do different things and record them all. This one was pretty funny.

  • felicitous

    hi Seb im Fel from Philippines i hav a friend in US and ask him to buy me an UNLOCKED iPhone4 from apple concern is can i use the iphone in the Phil.? can i install apps from INSTALLOUS? is it already JAILBROKEN?so i can install tweaks from cydia? hope u can help me thank you!
    sorry i dont know where to post my inquiries..

    • rdqronos

      Sir, I’m sorry to say, you don’t know anything about iPhones.

      If you buy an unlocked iPhone from an official Apple Store… boom. You have an iPhone. It’s no different from any other iPhone, save for the fact that it has no SIM lock of any sort. So, yes, you would be able to use it in the Philippines.
      And also, do you honestly think that Apple would see already-jailbroken iPhones? You can jailbreak the device yourself, so you’d THEN be able to install tweaks. And also, discussion of apps such as Installous is not cool. Don’t pirate software.

  • felicitous

    @ rdqronos thanks for the info and yes im jst a newbie with regards to how can i jailbreak the unlocked iPhone4? is thre a link with step by step jailbreaking unlocked iPhone4?coz i have red lots of interesting tweaks hre in iDB.