Apple’s stock opened this morning at $400, and it is currently trading slightly over that mark, at roughly $403. Fueled by some incredible earnings for its 3rd financial quarter and the rumors of an iPhone 5 and iPad 3, Apple’s stock value has never been this high.

With a current market capitalization (number of shares x value of share) of $373 billion, Apple is the second largest corporation in the world, right behind Exxon Mobile, whose market cap is currently at $416 billion…

Should Apple stock grow to $450/share, and assuming that Exxon stock will stay flat, Apple will soon become the largest corporation in the world in terms of market capitalization.

If you’re like me and you own a few Apple stocks, these numbers will definitely make you smile. If you don’t own any Apple stocks yet, I don’t think it’s too late, but I understand that the entry price could turn you off.

Here’s to the $450/share mark!

  • ur mother

    just becuase they made a iphone and a pad like computer device. lol that crazy all it buy it self lol

  • juan

    glad I bought apple shares!

  • Jason

    Ha – Exxon “Mobile.”

  • Justin

    So, for a few shares of apple stock, I could buy a MacBook.
    It’s a shame I can’t buy a new Mustang with a few shares of Ford stock.

    • John


  • qK0ng

    I feared this would happen. Apple is taking over the world.

  • Moe Hong

    There are 405 other corporations in between Apple and Exxon-Mobile in terms of worldwide market cap. This is just extremely, extremely sloppy reporting from someone who does not understand economics.

  • And have you tried comparing Apple’s capitalization with other companies that not even listed in any exchange?

  • I suggest you’d better stick with Apple devices news rather than Apple’s financials.