When Apple first announced the iPad way back before we knew the joys that a 9.7″ slab of glass could bring, we all immediately thought that the tablet would be a great coffee table device – perfect for leaving out and offering as a family machine.

The problem with that notion, though, is that the iPad is more of a personal device than Apple likes to let on.

Just like our iPhones, the iPad is designed to be used the way one member of the family likes it – their wallpaper, their settings, their apps. This approach really limits the way we can use our iPads, and plays right into Apple’s hands when it comes to sales – two and three iPads sold per household instead of just one.

If only we had iOS user accounts, just as we do on our Macs…

As is so often the case, the jailbreak scene is doing its best to fill a void left by Apple’s inability, or should that be downright lack of desire, to bring user accounts to its iPad, iPhone and iPod touch operating system.

Enter iUsers.

A hack for jailbroken iPads, by Pedro Franceschi, iUsers tries to bring user accounts to the iPad, allowing different people to ‘sign in’ using accounts and passwords. Once a new user signs in, they’re greeted with their own settings, wallpapers, home screen app locations and more.

As MacStories points out, if you’re the kind of person that likes to use iTunes to backup your iPad, we’re not sure this jailbreak is for you – we honestly have no idea how iTunes will react to this particular tweak, but we’re fairly confident it won’t be pretty.

If you have chosen to use iUsers and have successfully backed up and restored since, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

For everyone else, we suggest watching the embedded video for the lowdown on just what iUsers is capable of.

iUsers is available via the cydia.iblogeek.com repository.

  • ic0edx

    Nice, but the tune made me think some is chasing me.

    • Captainmeta4

      It’s Pirates of the Carribean

  • AppleUser

    I downloaded it, but it put my iPad 2 into safe mode loop. Ended up having to restore it back to 4.3.3.. Would be an awesome tweak once bugs are worked out though.. Still not happy about having to restore though 🙁

  • John

    A lot of App Store apps seem to crash right away when you try to open them on a secondary user account.

  • Mr92

    wow amazing! Today I bought my new iPad and started to think in a tweak like this, to use it with my parents! Great Timing, Great tweak, but a few bugfixes please

  • Sounds like a great tweak and sounds like something apple will definitely launch in some future update. I have yet to try this because of the current comments but I would love to use this if the backup issue is cleared up and all the little bugs worked out.

  • Dave

    This is unbelievable. I can’t wait to start downloading iUser ‘snapshots’ of customized themed images.

  • Shannon

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS FOR NOW! After I downloaded it, it changed my theme back to the default background and lock screen, and some apps were removed from the first page fof my home screen. So I don’t know if they were deleted or just moved around. still annoying either way. Plus it takes an unbearably long time to switch between users. Maybe it’ll be better in the future, but not worth it now.

    • Shannon

      And MT Gestures and Barrel aren’t working even after I uninstalled iUsers.

      • Shannon

        Basically, it pretty much restores your iPad to factory settings, except you’re still jailbroken and will still have your apps. Very annoying…

      • Dave

        Have you looked in /var/stash to see if there are multiple user extensions on Library folders? ie: Themes.xxxxx

      • Shannon

        No, but I figured it out. The developers need to figure out how to let people install this app without it changing everything else.

  • edtee

    I love the promise of it. But reading the stabilty issues above and not being able to backup is enough to make me wait. I hope it keeps getting better/improving. I would install to help test, if I could backup reliably and easily.
    I could live with having to start from a totally fresh/blank Ipad2, if it allowed the other apps to run stable in each account created. Then again I’m a new user, only ~3 weeks on a iOS product. For others this could be a huge inconvience.

    • W

      It’s called Safe Mode………………..////

  • Érico

    this brazilian hacker is working on iphone version of iuser. i just don’t know why…

  • micheal

    Is there any other why to download for the iPod touch second gen I seem not to find one cuz im having trouble downloading it but I also have an iPad that I’m trying to jailbreak but I am having trouble with it also

  • I wish I hadn’t updated my iPad 2 thinking I could downgrade this looks really cool

  • Hi, I have been playing with iUsers for half an hour en after that spend half a day to figure out how to get rid of it.. I have iPad 1 on 5.1.1. jailbroken with redsn0w.

    My big mistake was that i really need a tool like this but dit not took the time to read all the issues on the forum. So READ THEM ALL. I need something like iUsers because my kids are playing with the iPad and that is “conflicting” with my demo’s, (I get messages that i need to feed the pets in PetHotel during the demo and all that kind of stuff)

    5.1.1. was not working stable with iUsers. The start was great, creating users adding passwords and also the “kids” login without a password worked fine.
    Then suddenly the change user icon was gone in startup screen and starting up took forever. After that i took the time to read other experiences.. 🙁

    If you want to get rid of this.. simply first remove the passcode lock and rerun jailbreak with redsn0w. I tried also removing iUsers but that also did not worked!.

    So idea is perfect but it was not such a perfect idea to install it.

    Hope someone else comes up with a tool that works..