As smartphones become increasingly popular and we enter an age in which everyone has Internet access in the palm of their hand, unlimited data plans are becoming obsolete. Carriers are no longer happy to give us all the data we so desire.

Verizon Wireless will be the next carrier to drop its unlimited data plans, and on Thursday, July 7, new customers will have to sign up for one of four tiered plans.

A Verizon spokesperson confirmed the move to FierceNews today and confirmed the new prices, which happen to make AT&T look like a better choice for some…

Plans start at $10 per month for 75MB of data, though I can’t imagine many will sign up for this option. For $30 per month, you can enjoy 2GB of data, and for $50 per month you’ll get 5GB. For those who get through a lot of data on their iPhone, there’s also an $80 a month plan that will get you a 10GB allowance.

In comparison, AT&T charges just $25 per month for 2GB, which could save the majority of users a small fortune.

Those who are already signed up to a Verizon plan will, of course, keep their unlimited data on their existing contract. It will also carry over with them if they upgrade to a new device on or after July 7.

The move comes a month after AT&T ditched their unlimited data plans for a similar usage-based model, which went live on June 7.


  • john b.

    this is a poor way to keep customers during these difficult times with the economy, i personaly will tell everybody i know and they will tell all their friend and see how much bussiness you lose.

  • Another Response

    Metro PCS will be getting a HUGE volume of new customers. Just another nickel and dime ploy from Verizon.

  • C.M.S. 497

    The telephone companies are like “crack dealers”, they get you hooked on the unlimited plans to take the customers from the other dealers… Then they hike the prices once everybody is at their “trap house”.

  • CHO2

    If you read the article, it states for those of us already on the unlimited plan, that WE WILL KEEP THAT UNLIMITED PLAN, EVEN WHEN WE UPGRADE OUR PHONES AND RENEW OUR CONTRACTS. So if you have it already, HANG ON TO IT with BOTH hands. it is a BIG money saver.

    • jay

      I hope the article is correct because if they start charging me after my 2 gigs I will go somewhere else.