DreamBoard, the popular iPhone theme solution, has gone free on Cydia after previously selling for $2.99. Dreamboard is a popular Winterboard alternative that can mimic the looks of Android, Windows 7 etc.

Dreamboard works differently than Winterboard, because it doesn’t require you to respring each time you switch themes, and it can achieve deep UI customizations without having to install other jailbreak applications

This latest version of DreamBoard also includes support for lockscreens. We’ve previously reviewed DreamBoard, and we gave it positive reviews despite random crashes and some other minor issues.

I would recommend downloading this and checking out our iPhone themes center for reviews of many DreamBoard themes.

What do you think of DreamBoard going free?

  • Awesome,

    Everyone should try DreamBoard at least once.

    • Pam

      Agreed. It’s very nice.

  • Usersean

    I paid for it last week. Not impressed atall.

    • Raz

      Same here. The developer should at least give a refund to the people who purchased it recently.
      I mean, why should we pay for something that’s now free? LOL! This is one of the reasons why I don’t want to buy anything from cydia/app store.

      • BillyBob

        You bought a ~$500 device and refuse to pay anything to make it better. Yeah you figured it out. That’s like driving a mercedes on shitty rims, or buying a mansion and no furniture. LOL!

    • Lucas K.

      Yep, me, too. That kind of pisses me off.

    • Same here. Bought it three days ago. Now how can we get refund?

  • James

    I bought it last week also. It’s a nice program, don’t mind I spent 3 bucks. There is one thing I’d like to see or know if it’s possible.

    Currently the mail reason I jailbreak is for lockinfo. When using dreamboard the lock screen is generic to whatever that theme has. If I could get my lockinfo screen on the dreamboard lick screen, I would use it much more.

    Anyone know if that’s possible or if not, maybe the dev could look into that support.

    • James: u can still use any winter board lock info theme with dream board.

  • I just love paying for an app then a few weeks later it’s FREE. Wonder why I don’t use a pirate repo.

    • Frankie

      you just been sartastic, dont you? LOL

  • Ryan

    No refunds for us who paid?

  • Instead of a refund, i would be happy with 2 paid themes credited to my account!

  • DUDE

    I am also one of the suckers that payed for it not too long ago

  • Pam

    Ok, the dreamstore is gone. I can’t see any themes on Cydia through searching. So… how do we get themes now?

    • Modmyi forums has threads on every dreamboard theme that has been made, I would check theme out if you want some new theme. FYI “TheGrid” is an awesome theme.

      • Pam


    • There are a bunch of them listed if you go to Sections -> Themes (Dreamboard)

  • Aaronieru

    It’s strange that it was a paid app at all, as when it first came out, alot of people didn’t even want it free (myself included). It is just too unstable.

  • Manuel

    And this is why I love this site. Always up on the freeness 🙂

  • Unknown

    WTF, Ive been trying to crack it with the stupid connection breaker tht doesnt work and now you’re giving it free ??

  • DingleHopper

    Do I have to uninstall winterboard to put dreamboard on? Do they conflict?

    • No. They live in harmony.

  • Sesshoumaru

    i bought 1.1.3 and can’t get it to run on my iphone. Now 1.1.4 is free and i can run it.. Just great…. just great……. i should spend my 3 bucks on other apps..

  • Braulio

    So that’s the last time I pay on Cydia…

    • Raz


      • Deathstar

        -2 , Cry me a river over $2.99

  • Umm the themes are ok, but nothing really “amazing” i dont mind paying a few bucks for a good them but the selection is not what i had hope for…

  • KB

    That’s LAME!!! especially after I spent $2.99 for it the least they could do is offer up a $1.99 theme for Free.

  • Mick

    Dreamboard looks nice but it’s just not customisable enough, a couple of backgrounds and changing what icon sits on a designated spot just doesn’t do it for me at all.

  • Mick

    I meant to say b4 i hastily submitted my previous comment ha, it would be nice if dreamboard was compiled in a way that had all the diff elements like :

    ! Wallpaper
    2 Animated weather
    3 Other widgets

    and so on and so on, then you could just pick all the bits you wanted, like you get to apply diff things within winterboard, as it is it’ more like you pretty much have to have the theme the way it is with no customisation unless you start messing about with html files etc which for most people is too much hassle when winterboard is so user friendly !

  • Bone

    can anyone post a direct link for the deb to download with a pc?? i cant get it to work with cydia download. loosing connection

  • Deathstar

    I’m playing the worlds smallest Violin . Bunch of babies..this has happened to all of us at least Once! It was $2.99 get over it.

    • Also Anon

      “the world’s biggest dickhead”


    • Deathstar

      I am not here to blow sunshine up peoples a$$. There are so many more things for all of us to worry about and if $2.99 is on the top of that list I guess I feel bad for you, really I do. You must be in pretty bad situation where $2.99 out of your pocket makes a difference. So I guess I will say I am sorry for being insensitive to the plights of other people. Can we all HUG and sing Kumbaya while roasting marshmallows around the campfire? Anon you get the to lead the singing .

  • Yellow

    Am I the only one having trouble with it? The icons are using the Glasklart theme, even after I disabled it in winterboard and there are some blank spots that I’m guessing are from iBlank even after I deleted those too. Does anybody know how to fix this?

  • Yellow

    Am I the only one having trouble with it? The icons are using the Glasklart theme, even after I disabled it in winterboard and there are some blank spots that I’m guessing are from iBlank even after I deleted those, too. Does anybody know how to fix this?

  • asdasdasd

    I cant install it. It gives me a 404 Error. How do I install it?

  • numbnuts

    there’ll never be a right time switching an app from paid to free and folks will either fall one side or the other, like pulling up at a gas station to find out the guy in front just paid less for fuel. this time you lost out, next time you’ll gain. move on

    • Deathstar


  • Anthony

    Wow, you guys need to stop complaining over $3

    • Deathstar

      That is what I said. maybe not in such a nice or “PC” way for Anon because he obviously got butt hurt because I was too straight forward and to the point. So what you lose out on $2.99 that is like what…I Happy Meal or something these days. people are too damn sensitive these days!

  • Evoss

    ifone 4 fokin frozen after 15 min got rid of that

  • Michael

    great app for 3 bucks. Who cares if its free now, that just makes the guy that much more awesome imo

  • Hmmm

    Great. Just paid for it less than 2 days ago

  • Hack

    Does Dreamboard work on 4.3.1 ?

    • P.


      • Anon


    • Frankie

      yes it does

  • James

    How do you fix the clock on the home page? …… after 12 am to goes to a 24 hour time format it shows 00:25 in stead of 12:25am, or dose it ONLY do it at 12am? I find it odd….. 0.o I love the theme tho 🙂

  • numbnuts

    decided there’s not enough substance wirh the free content to keep me interested, that and because i can’t figure how to change weather.com’s temperature to Celsius. uninstalled.

  • ajude

    LoL .. Just a theme.

  • Eduardo

    Someone knows how to get the default setting I deleted the Music APP and I dont know how to put it again, so how I can reset the default settings. thx.