And we continue our exploration of new features in iOS 5. Today, we look at the calendar application, which got a pretty handy new feature that gives you a weekly view when in landscape mode.

Whether you’re looking at your calendar in List, Day, or Month mode, you can simply rotate the orientation horizontally and you will get a weekly view of your calendar. From there, you can scroll left or right to go to past or future days…

Once again, this is a nice addition to the latest iPhone OS. This makes it easy to get the big picture of what your week looks like and to easily scroll to other days in your calendar.

What’s your thoughts on that?

  • William

    nice new feature, thought feels a bit cramped.

  • Felipe

    Do you have a monthly view, I hate that the current one doesn’t show your appointments thats’ why I use SaiSuke.

    • Nope, weekly only.

      Well, you have the monthly view that’s been on the iPhone since the beginning, but like you said, it doesn’t give a good picture of what you have going on.

  • Felipe

    *Do you have a monthly view?…. I forgot the “?” lol

  • Chris

    See anything that will let us choose something other than those putrid pastel calendar colors??

  • Steve

    about freakin time

  • FanGuy

    Not a bad feature. Would be better if it let you select 5 day or 7 day view and then actually showed all 5 or 7 days at once…

  • David Roberts

    I just upgraded but a) the upgrade deleted all my Contacts and b) the “+” icon and “Calendar” button have disappeared from the Calendar view. Any ideas?

  • This is a feature I missed from my BB days. Nice to have the addition.