Yet another new feature that made it to iOS 5. When using the camera app, you can swipe to the right to bring your camera roll. From there, you can flick left and right to go to previous pictures or go back to your camera app.

At any time, you can tap anywhere on the screen to bring some of the picture controls and tap “done” to return to your camera app…

This is perfect for shooting pictures and quickly checking whether they’re good or not.

Do you like it?

  • Gilbert?

    LOVE IT. very useful! It’s the little things in a software that make it better than anything else

  • c0edx

    I love the iOS 5 its like having a Jailbroken iPhone without the Jailbreak. But I still miss Cydia 🙁

  • oh ya this def is kool! just tried it!! 🙂

  • Was playing around with this earlier and found this, I also noticed that in the Music player, long song titles current playing scroll across the screen in album art view. Also in the list of songs you can hold your finger to down to view the whole song / albums name.

    • Scott


  • Joe

    I saw this in a YouTube review of iOS 5 and loved the feature.

  • PeteA

    Crazy, my favorite photo app ProCamera got updated and they included exactly that feature: they call it QuickFlick album… You gotta check out the new version with new RapidFire option. It’s crazy fast when using with the front camera, snaps like a machine gun by holding the shutter button.. And on the iPad 2 it’s even faster.. I love it, such fun to take a series of photos with the new ProCamera..