Yesterday we reported on a memo from Russell Cellular, a third-party Verizon retailer that mentioned something about a 64GB iPhone. Most of us got very excited at the idea of more storage on the iPhone. “Finally, I’m going to be able to store all my music on my iPhone”, I said to myself.

It seems that we got our hopes too high for this as Russell Cellular confirmed it was just a typo, as we kind of expected. Disappointed much?

Well, don’t get too depressed yet. A 64GB iPhone is the normal evolution of things and I firmly believe the iPhone 5 will have increased storage capacity. The iPod Touch 4G already comes with 64GB of storage. It’s just a matter of time for the iPhone to get that as well.


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  • Kel

    The iPod touch 4G has 64 GB because it doesn’t have to reserve the space for the cellular hardware the iPhone does.

    I’m not saying the next iPhone won’t be bumped up due to smaller components. I’m only saying that’s a bad line of reasoning at the current time.

  • Gary

    Who needs to have so many apps, songs, photos and videos on their iPhone to need 64gb? I could fill that much space with files, but don’t need to have them with me at all times.

  • Kel

    Maybe it’s just me, but I really like all of the music in my library. I’d rather not have to pick and choose the music I am going to carry for the day.

    • So use something like Z-Subsonic or a similar application that allows you to stream music from your computer, then you don’t need to sync ANY of your music

      • Carwash

        That must be great for folks with unlimited data who don’t mind charging the phone every four hours.

  • ECH

    Well it’s doesn’t matter… 64, 128, 256 even the obscene 1TB. I got 1.5Tb of music. I know I went a bit too far, but quality is a must for my ears. What can I say, 64 is kind of what I listen in a few days.

  • Henry Grant

    Ohhhh! Where are they now? LOL