Although we’ve shown you multiple ways to avoid your iPhone photos getting deleted, what about if your device gets stolen? The Find my iPhone service will allow you to wipe the device of personal data, but can you ever get your pictures back?

If you’ve ever lost a device, or feel like you’ve lost photos that were taken with your iPhone, you might want to check out Photo Rescue. The new Mac app will dig through all of your iOS backup files for you, and retrieve the photos you thought were goners…

The application is super simple. Once downloaded, just run the software and select one of the device profiles from the sidebar on the left. It lists all of the iDevices that have ever synced with your computer and corresponding backup dates.

When a profile is selected, all of the pictures that were synced that day appear in the Photo Rescue window. I was able to pull photos from an iTunes sync I did back in 2008, within a few seconds of opening the app.

Though the app worked well for me, there are a few hiccups. The software is currently only available for computers running Mac OS, so if you’ve got a Windows machine your out.

The program also can’t pull photos from encrypted iTunes backups. This wasn’t an issue for me since I just use the default setting, but if you’ve selected to encrypt your backups then this won’t work.

Nevertheless, it’s a great little app for what it does. If you want to check out Photo Rescue, click here to grab it for free. The free version only displays the photos though, so you’ll have to pay $4.99 to get the full version if you want to use them for anything.

Have you tried Photo Rescue? Do you use another application to recover lost iPhone photos?

  • Burge

    Save all your photos to Dropbox ..I do .. In fact if something can be saved on to Dropbox I do it…in fact the newest use for me is thanks to iDB I now use Boxey tunes..

    • Jon Garrett

      or save them to your desktop every time you sync.

  • Chris

    This would be useful if it did’t assume that people only have a mac when most people use windows computers and therefore can’t use the app, very narrowminded by the developer imo

    • Gato

      People who uses windows should have android.

      • Binary-Stalker

        Shut up.

      • Jon Garrett

        if people who use windows didnt buy i devices, apple wouldnt have sold anything past the first gen ipod.

  • numbnuts

    what happened to folk just getting into the habit of copying pictures from the device’s DCIM folder onto a pc, or whatever, via usb

  • Hi Guys,

    I’m the developer of this app — unfortunately we had to change our name because another app is using the same one. The new name is Picturescue and the site is at