There is a new scam going on on Facebook right now, which involves you, your friends, and the yet to be released iPhone 5. Here is how it works. You see in your stream that one of your friends commented on an article titled “First Exposure: Apple iPhone 5.” Because your friend commented on it and because you really want to know about this iPhone 5, you click on the link as well.

You are then directed to a domain ending in .info (that should be a bad sign in itself), where you are asked to enter a captcha code to prove you are human. That should really be a second warning that this is not so legit…

After verifying that you aren’t a bot, a message is posted directly to your wall, notifying your friends that you have commented on the story. Your friends may or may not fall for it like you did. In the meanwhile, you are asked to fill out a survey to win some crappy prizes.

This technique is known as clickjacking. Although not as dangerous as a virus or spyware, it still acts on your behalf without your consent.

So really, watch out for what you click on. Sometimes a little good sense can go a long way.


  • Thehiddenones

    Awesome 😀 So… where can I learn clickjacking

  • Manuel

    I’m glad I really deleted my Facebook account. I’m not knee on letting them watch me like the FBI and sell and control my information like Google.

  • Tito Georgie

    You guys don’t even know what to post anymore…

    • zCausper

      Thats True

      Everybody knnows these story i get this post from my friends every week…..

    • Jerry

      Lol! Yeah sorry this post was pointless

  • C0ntr0l

    If you don’t like it read a different blog

  • Daniel CG

    This post wasn’t pointless if you have a FaceBook account because some people wouldn’t know this wasn’t real

  • Shahzad

    I came across this but it looked suspicious thanks to the info I get through THIS BLOG. I didn’t click it.
    Thanks for the warning sebastian *thumbs up*
    Alot of my friends have become victims of clickjacking lately :/

    • Shahzad

      Ppl use fb but don’t read iPhone blogs in my part of the world. Ironic isn’t it?? 😀

  • Manuel

    Lol, this is why I’m glad I deleted my Facebook bro. The crap is watchmen for the CIA and FBI to follow and know what you are doing without using a warrant. They just wait until you post a comment, status or picture upload. It takes you what device you use, where and what brand, etc. Either way, I’m done with FB and it’s wanna be tactics which try so hard to be like Google. Pretty sure FB wil be making a fb mail or something lol.

  • Manuel

    Why is my comments getting deleted? I didn’t curse or say anything other than the truth, so why the censorship with me?

    • Manuel, Kevin Nash (or whatever your name is),

      Please stop posting comments here. You know why you have been banned. Don’t pretend you’re all cool and stuff.

      You are wasting your time posting comments here. Seriously. Go read another blog. No one wants you here.


  • Manuel

    @ sebastine

    Are you serious? That troller from the iphone alert charger? How is that me when I replied negatively to his idiotic comments. I don’t need to waste my time when all of my comments on here have been positive. You can check my name and see for yourself as well.

    • Manuel,

      This is an error on my part. Sorry about that. Your comment is back on the blog. I’ve been going after trolls this morning and I guess I judge your comments to quickly.

      It’s fixed.


  • Manuel

    It’s no problem dude. As long as you got that hole for trolling, then I’m happy.

  • Weebsurfer

    Is that troll the android user that whines about how much you talk about iPhones on here?

    Anyways. Thanks for the heads up. Getting tired of FB scams. They need a block button on the iPhone app… For this and a hundred other reasons.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    I thought this blog was supposed to report on news? That whole iPhone 5 thing on FB happened last week (at least that’s when it popped on my page).

  • gbatata

    Soooo where’s this link to get a free iPhone 5? 😛

  • Rey

    New one going around today about “find out who is staling you!” 4 friends I know hacked. They posted link on my page I deleted it!

  • Rey

    Sorry meant STALKING

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