Who’s sick and tired of all of the iPhone 5 news, and is ready for the iPhone 6 rumors to begin heating up?

I knew you all were a group of forward thinking chaps!

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple will take a next generation leap forward by implementing new p-Si LCD screen technology in the iPhone 6.

According to the rumors, the LCD screens should start rolling off the assembly line in early 2012…

The p-Si stands for Poly-Silicon, in this case Low-Temperature Poly-Silicon. Per Toshiba, the world’s first supplier of large screen p-Si LCD panels:

A p-Si LCD panel answers a variety of needs, such as lower profile design, reduced weight and lower power consumption and allows for notebook PCs that are more comfortable and convenient to use.

Their site goes on to list the following advantages of p-Si technology over that of traditional LCD’s. These include:

  • Increased image quality
  • Enhanced durability
  • Lower profile and lighter weight
  • Lower power consumption

Those seem like some no-brainer benefits, especially for mobile devices. It could mean that we will see a tougher, thinner iPhone with greater battery life, and improved image quality on-screen.

Perhaps the main caveat at this point in the game, would be price, but we’ve heard rumblings about how good a bunch of negotiators the folks at Apple are. No doubt they’ll be able to keep prices low on the tech by buying up a huge supply.

Currently Apple is employing IPS technology in the majority of its products, including the iPhone and the iPad. Competitors on the Android platform have steered towards AMOLED technology which, to be honest, looks very nice under the right conditions.

It’ll be interesting to see if these rumors pan out, and how the next generation iPhone’s screen technology will stack up against the rapidly growing competition.

What do you think about these rumors?

  • Ryan S

    First bitches

    • Brandz


  • c0edx

    Why are we talking about a iPhone 6 when the 5th one hasn’t came out yet. SECONDE!!!!

    • Michael

      I second that. If the iPhone 6 rumors are going to start piling up, then maybe they should just skip the 5 and start the 6.

  • Paul Zammit

    Will there be a white iPhone version with this tech?

  • Tony

    So I’m just wondering, should this site go through a name change to the “iPhone Rumor Blog”?

    Seems most of the news lately are rumors. I really don’t feel I gain any real information from this site anymore. It seems the writers are hard pressed to release a ton of articles each day. Just give us 1 or 2 real good articles with facts in them, that we care about. I feel like I’m at some high school girls lunch table.

    • Weijie

      From your whining, perhaps high school girls’ lunch table is right where you belong.

      • Pete

        Entirely agree with Tony. Not sure why Weijie immediately atacks him after a very valid point. Seems to me, Tony, that this blog is intended for a slightly different audience.

    • Tony, I understand your point, but believe it or not, a lot of people want to see “down the line” what they can expect. It’s also nice to be able to go back later and reference articles like these when more details come out.

  • Saint

    @paul… u re looking for a white iPhone 6 version… when most regions are even yet to see the white version of iPhone 4…u really very funny

  • Ben

    Have you noticed the title mentions the company ‘Sharp’ and the article says ‘Toshiba’

    • Yes, because Toshiba were the first to supply and those images explaining the tech were taken from Toshiba’s site.

  • Weijie

    @pete Tony dissing Jeff’s article as high school gossip mongering is a perfectly valid point? And I’m sure everyone wants to read the same stuff you do.

    In case you’re not getting it yet, it’s ridiculous for people to expect writers to pander to specific readers (case in point – you and Tony). Have you ever thought that perhaps some people do indeed want to hear about what could possibly be in the pipeline? Contrary to your belief, you do have a choice of what you want to read. If you don’t wanna read it, don’t. Move on to other articles that aren’t “rumors”. This isn’t the only article on TiPB.

    @Jeff Thanks for the article.

  • Jeff

    Stupid article. I want to hear about the iPhone 27.

    • Zee

      It will be iPhone 27Zs, not iphone 27. lol

  • Timothy/Klouud

    Personally I like the iPhone 4’s specs and would be perfectly happy to own an iPhone 5 with more RAM and dual-core processors + bigger disk space. I’ve got a 3GS right now. All this hoop-law is exciting… but I’m still gonna get the i5.

  • MrA

    Bring on iPhone 33 rumors!!

  • urmom

    latest news iphone 10 to feature updated version of flux capacitor

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