Did you know that you can run iPad apps on the iPhone? If your iPhone is jailbroken, there’s a new way to run iPad-specific apps on the iPhone and iPod touch.

It’s been technically possible to port iPad apps to the iPhone for quite some time, but not until now has it become a relatively straightforward process.

ModMyi user ismoothproject has created a Mac app called iTelePad2Pod. The app sends an edited app file via SFTP to your iPhone. The magic happens by changing the .ipa’s metadata to include both iOS platforms.

There are some drawbacks to running certain iPad apps on the iPhone, mainly due to resolution scaling. Certain iPad apps contain a greater amount of pixels than the iPhone’s Retina display can contain, so many apps will be not be scaled properly at all. There are also design and multitouch issues, and the ported iPad apps will usually only work in landscape. (Some apps may not even work at all.)

But if you feel like trying to port an app for trying’s sake, you may be surprised to find some iPad apps that actually work great on the iPhone.

Let’s port an app from the iPad to the iPhone. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll be porting Cut The Rope HD.

Step 1: Download iTelePad2Pod and unzip the download.

Step 2: Move iTelePad2Pod to the “Applications” folder on your Mac.

Step 3: Navigate to /Applications/iTelePad2Pod and open the iTelePad2Pod.app.

Step 4: Read the app’s instructions and click continue.

Step 5: Select your iPad app’s .ipa file to edit.

Step 6: Follow the onscreen instructions. You can get your iPhone’s IP number under Settings > Wi-Fi. Tap the blue arrow next to your iPhone’s connected network to see your IP address.

Step 7: Once you have added your IP to the text file, iTelePad2Pod will begin converting. Read the onscreen instructions and click start.

Step 8: Once the app has been converted, open your favorite SSH client and move the file to your iPhone’s /Application folder.

Step 9: Respring your iPhone and the iPad app should be on your springboard.

Here’s a video walkthrough from iTelePad2Pod’s creator:

Although this whole process does seem a little tedious, it’s interesting to see how iPad apps run on the iPhone. It will be fascinating to see how some of Apple’s apps, like Pages, Keynote, and Garageband, work when ported to the iPhone.

Let us know how your experience has been converting iPad apps for the iPhone. What apps work better than others? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Erik

    I like how the iPhones time is 4:20. Lol.

    • Bongo


  • Eldaria

    I will try this.
    By misstake I bought an iPad app even though I do not have an iPad, this because it was linked as a “customers who bought this also bought….” and did not notice that it had switched to iPad apps.
    Really annoying that this was even possible, iTunes should detect that I never connected an iPad.

  • Chris

    Waste of time !! No windows version so the majority of people will never get to use it plus the fact a lot of games won’t even port over to iphone. Most games and apps are available on the iPhone anyways so why even bother, they don’t look that much different, just another pointless, overhyped idea.

  • Windows version? I don’t know anyone who uses Windows…

    • Cameron

      Umm? Me?!? Well I don’t know you but I only know 5 people who use mac out of the hundreds I know.

      • Shwing

        I bet you only know like four people. Come one. Let’s be honest now.

      • Cameron

        To only know 4 people I would have to like live in a closet or something. Windows it a lot more popular than Mac because it is cheeper (not saying it’s better)

  • People are so stupid with the whole 420 shit.

    Anyone know some good apps for the iPad only?

    • Selcuk

      I’m a windows user lol. Anyway, does this work for iPod touch 2nd gen?

  • Awesomeguy97

    Lol! The song’s epic XD

  • BC

    Anyone tried this with GarageBand? That’d be totally dope.

    • BC

      Tried it. Scaling was off. Could only access the top right corner. Very promising! Nice work!

  • SOZE

    Will this work with iPad iWork apps like pages,keynote and numers. Tried a few iPad but don’t fully work will this work on the apps I mentioned?

  • Bytenapple

    Anyone tried ABC Player?

  • martin

    pls how do you delete apps installed, after holding icon for few seconds for wiggle,..no x appears on the icon of apps installed through itelepad2pod.

  • Na

    Can’t you just scale by editing the png files and then the filed that tell the png files to go in place?

  • peter

    I get an error when running itelepad2pod from applications “the action “ask for finder items” encountered an error. click the action properties and try running the workflow again”

    im using mountain lion

    • jdsOut

      open the app in automator, then go ti the ask for finder items window, change the directory of “mobile applications” (i.e. where iTunes downloads apps from the app store) then click run and follow the directions

      • I’m trying to do this and i can’t get it to work

  • MyFlammingSkull

    Link broken