Last week we told you about a new unlock service called CutYourSim that offered a remote, permanent unlock for the iPhone. Instead of the classic method of jailbreaking and installing UltraSn0w, CutYourSim claimed to permanently unlock your iPhone’s baseband remotely for any GSM carrier.

For $169.99, the folks at CutYourSim would be able to unlock your iPhone’s baseband and keep it unlocked forever. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

The dream didn’t last long. CutYourSim has already announced that it is discontinuing its unlock service

“Today we have decided discontinue the service we offered for remotely unlocking any iPhone.  For the customers who already paid, and received their unlocks a few days ago, they do not need to do anything because they made the cutoff for our service.  All customers who paid via PayPal or Google Checkout will be refunded.  Due to the high number of orders we had, please allow some time before receiving your cancellations/refunds.

We do plan on offering iPhone unlocking services in the near future after we send out cancellations and refunds, but the service will be different, it will be for iPhones locked to certain carriers.  Once we take care of the refunds, we will post more about this new service we are going to offer.”

CutYourSim was somehow sending the iPhone’s IMEI (fingerprint) to Apple’s whitelisted database of unlocked iPhones. When you buy an unlocked iPhone at full price from a carrier, that carrier sends the iPhone’s IMEI to an official whitelisted database that then informs Apple to unlock your device.

For more information on how a permanent unlock works, check out our explanation here.

CutYourSim has no direct relation to Apple, and it was obvious from the beginning that the company was using some roundabout (and possibly illegal) methods to add device’s to Apple’s whitelisted database. Because CutYourSim has closed its doors so suddenly, it stands to reason that they’ve felt the heat from either Apple or carriers.

Although there are probably some very good reasons that CutYourSim is discontinuing its unlocking service, it’s still sad for those of us that wanted a cheaper unlock solution. Buying an unlocked smartphone for retail price can be incredibly expensive, and the early adopters of CutYourSim reported a successful experience.

The post from CutYourSim hints that there may be some hope for the service to return, but it doesn’t look good. CutYourSim most likely had an inside source at a major carrier that was sending their customer’s IEMIs to Apple’s database.

Were you able to get your iPhone unlocked with CutYourSim before it shut down? Why do you think the company discontinued the service?

  • DebTym

    i hope when they returned with what they are saying about unlocking a specific carrier. it will be a CHEAPER one. though i’m satisfied with my gevey.

  • Hotty

    ebay sell even cheaper, go on you see! lots of ebayer out there can unlock by imei

    • c0edx

      IMEI unlcoks are mostly in the UK. If your in the US ATT you cant get it unlocked.

      • Hotty

        they are seller that unlock ATT USA iphone!!!!

  • JoBerlin

    You can get that kind of unlocking service here. Prices and availability depends on your carrier:

  • Topsy

    O2 in UK are very good when it comes to unlocking. Just as they did unlock iphone 3 and 3 GS, so they did with the iphone 4. I must say we are very lucky here in the UK. I don’t have to worry about roaming charges as I use local sim. Very happy.

  • Manuel

    This sounds like it means “our company was bull and Apple and other carriers told us to stop or they would sue us like Sony”

  • Duetschpire

    Nothing New…
    I Offer permanent unlock for iPhones in Australia locked to certain carriers (Telstra-Vodafone)
    Been doing it for a year and a half!

    • Polemicist

      But how much do you charge?

      • Duetschpire

        That’s how much I used to charge using 3rd party apps.

      • Shang

        Can you unlock an AT&T iPhone to be used in Australia?

  • Tin Nguyen

    Here in Australia you can get an iPhone from at least 5 different carriers. If you do some research and choose a carrier carefully, you hardly ever need to unlock your iPhone. If you need to use your iPhone oversea, you can just call your carrier and tell them that you need it unlocked due to your traveling needs and they unlock it for you.

  • yoni

    there’s a new law in israel that prevents carriers from locking their phones. all phones (iphones, samsungs, bberries, nokias etc.) MUST be unlocked before sale.

  • cmh96734

    Ugh, this sucks, but the improper apostrophe usage in this post was much worse.

  • Michael

    Have just unlocked my iphone 4 baseband 04.10.1 using so I’m here to say yes it really works.

  • John

    CutYourSim is not the right place to go for your iPhone Unlock service, they promissed a lot but doing anything! My experience is realy bad, order a unlock service for the iPhone 4 on the O2 UK network….this was no problem, after more then 14 day’s stil no unlock….asking them how long it stil takes….no answer, email again, no answer……..they are very lack in answering. Finally after push the presure there was response and get a answer about problems with a total other unlock network that make no sence at all and was not related to my unlock. Want to open a dispute at Paypal and let them now I want the refund anf give them the change for this refund without opening a dispute.
    Finally payment refund within 4 hours, very good but stil not the way you are doing business!!

    In the emails they place no (personal) name only there Company name…..

    My advice: Stay away from CutYourSim!!

  • P032 email

    That’s interesting. I came across it to be similar to utilizing a PC because regard. I personally found it to become a touch better to modify compared to the iPhone as well. I haven’t any issues with the iPhone past some small problems here and there. Both techniques are strong in my opinion – I imagine I like the Android at this point.

  • Aida_Reyes_H366 email

    That sounds fairly awesome. I think I’m going to do it. I have had my observe 4 for couple of years, and this course of action is cheaper than Verizons new cost schedule for upgrades.